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Will there be an economic collapse? This is what my colleagues and I are doing!

Will there be an economic collapse? 

Obviously you see that everything is going up except for everyone's paycheck, if you've been living under a rock and are not able to create your own economy, I would pay close attention to the writing on the wall.. 

Regardless of your situation most everyone is feeling the pinch in their wallet, and most don't have any idea what to do. 

Do you know what to do when the dollar crashes?

Are you prepared if we have an economic collapse?

We are feeling it at the pumps, and we are feeling it in the grocery store, and it's predicted to only get worse before it gets better!

In fact experts warn that with fuel prices going up and trucking and transportation issues we currently have huge threats to our food supply and that is not to mention all of the food processing plants across the country have had some kind of "mysterious" circumstances disrupting more of our food chain which is causing major concerns for those paying attention.

You are paying attention, right?

What is our dollar buying us know?

If you know much about finance or money you know that our current U.S. Dollar isn't worth the paper it's printed on. It's a fiat currency created by the "Fed" and it's not back by gold anymore. 

If you don't know this its in your best interest to learn pretty fast about it. 

Right now our dollar is worth approximately .03 cents on the dollar, however people magically still believe in it and we still have some purchasing power at the moment. That will not be for too long!

As people learn more and more daily the power of the dollar will inevitably collapse.

Do your research ... Every fiat currency in history has collapsed! 

Remember the Romans?

So what's the story?

Most people don't know this however back on November 24, 1986 the US Mint Minted its first one ounce silver coin that was guaranteed to contain 99.9% pure silver. The thickness was 2.98 mm with reeded edges. That first one ounce of silver was worth the face value of one U.S. Dollar. 

I was just a junior in high school at the time.

Guess how much one ounce of silver is now? 

It's been hovering around $20 to $22 dollars in the past week or so. 

So let's do some math shall we?

12 months in a year, 2022 minus 1986 is 36 years times 12 months is 432 months. 

Imagine if you would have even picked up one ounce of silver per month how much silver you would have and the value it would be?

We call that the million dollar mistake!

You see I don't want to sell lotions and potions to people, I want to make a difference in peoples lives and help them create abundance in the family. 

I also want to leave a legacy for my children!

That's what this company that I have partnered with is all about.

This is what my colleagues and I are doing!

We are sharing an amazing opportunity for you to turn your fiat currency into gold or silver.

  1. No one gets hurt
  2. You don't have to recruit
  3. Buy Gold and Silver in fractional amounts 
  4. Get access to our "Sound Money Wallet"
  5. Exclusive collectible coins
  6. Auto saver feature to take the hassle out of collecting and investing
  7. Precious metals advance training, know what to collect and what not to collect
  8. Best buy back rates for gold and silver
  9. Travel Savings
  10. So much more!
It's just like Costco in that it's a membership and with membership comes tons of benefits. 

Oh and if you decide to share it with others like I do, you can even get paid and get more gold and silver into your portfolio.

If the dollar crashes my colleagues and I will be prepared I implore you to check out the videos on the page and decide if this is right for you. 

Thanks for reading and I wish you the best in these trying times!

You can check out the videos HERE


Robert Blakely AKA The Blakester

This article was published on 23.06.2022 by Robert Blakely
Author's business opportunity:

7kMetals - Gold and SIlver, 199 USD to join

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