How to overcome the objection, Is this a pyramid scheme???

Remember when you became a network marketer and you were told to write down a list of 100 of your friends and family so that you could share this amazing life changing opportunity with them?

One of the many objections you would have come across was being asked if this was one of those pyramid schemes they have heard so much about.

The next time this happens to you act surprised and ask your lovely naive friend or family this very important questions. 

What is a pyramid scheme???

They will proceed to TRY to explain to you that it is one of those things where the people at the top make all the money by getting other people to do all the work for them.

At this point you laugh and ask them to describe the structure of the government in which they live in, then ask the to describe the structure of their job and then finally the structure of any company they can think of.

The last time i asked someone to describe these other businesses they actually used the word pyramid when describing them to me.

I laughed and said you see, almost every business in this world has the same structure.

I personally do not waste my time trying to convince anyone to join my business, the person i referred to asked me if the thing i was talking about in my videos was a pyramid scheme.

I did not approach her or anyone with my business opportunity instead i use attraction marketing, which is a subject for the next announcement.

Would you ever walk up to a complete stranger and ask them to marry you? Lol lets tone it down a bit would you ever walk up to a stranger and ask them out on a date? 

Of course not that would be crazy, right? Why then do most marketers approach strangers and ask them to join their business?

People do business with people they know, like and trust. What better way to start a relationship with anyone thank by giving them something of value they can use for free to help them build their business.

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This article was published on 12.05.2021 by Angela Peters
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