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What we do

O-Bless helps you connect with the right people to support a cause that matters to you or your community the most. From supporting an innovation to a social cause,

O-Bless aims to play a critical role in bringing together people of a like mind, working towards a common goal. We offer a common platform where people can publish videos and content that showcase their projects and seek community support to help fund them. Be it a social project, supporting a cause or a project that aims to support a small business financially, O-Bless can help you feature your cause to a larger crowd and get the much-needed push ahead.

Bringing in a philanthropic edge, supporting the society and helping smaller startups make a foot-holding in this competitive market, ONPASSIVE, through O-Bless hopes to bring in the much-needed respite that a new business or a person in need faces.

We offer a platform that helps individuals raise funds by reaching the people who are willing to come together around an idea or a cause. Whether it is the latest tech, supporting your favorite artist, helping an independent film-maker, helping a financially challenged person get treatment, O-Bless is an ideal platform to publish and get your cause, the necessary financial aid.

We have a strict verification policy to keep the campaigns genuine and transparent. We have a comprehensive system in place to protect contributors from fraudulent campaigns. All movements should abide by our “Terms and conditions". Global Foundations

We believe in your power to make someone smile, to save someone's life, to cultivate brilliant ideas, to roll out a social change and to be the impact you want to make in the world. We offer the best online tools to activate and mobilize the crowd towards extraordinary ideas and projects and realize every goal at the earliest.
Support an Innovation

We are a tech-for-good platform that gives total crowdfunding solutions to empower people and social enterprises to raise funds for social necessities, medical emergencies, inventive projects or any communal cause - be it big or small.

We aim to unite generosity with the need to maximize an individuals' potential to do good.

Give Back to a Cause

O-Bless Crowdfunding gives the transparency, trust and ties that are necessary to make global giving both hyperlocal and instantaneously impactful. Our main goal is to share the unlimited prospects attainable by anyone with our platform.

We enable individuals and organizations to support and nurture the causes and communities they care about

Near Your Location

O-Bless Crowdfunding can be a fast and easy approach to meet unanticipated, pressing needs. Today, anybody with a smartphone can participate in making a difference with great ease. An ever-increasing number of individuals are currently raising funds online to tackle emergencies more effectively. Increasing digital access and the convenience of online payments drive more and more individuals worldwide to take the advanced digital route to mobilize more generous support for urgent needs on time.

# Orphan Children

# Pet Animals

For Entrepreneurs

O-Bless is a platform to publish your next big idea and find the financial support it deserves. The platform aims to iron out an entrepreneur’s or a creator’s journey into becoming a success story. This platform leverages social networks and internet to offer entrepreneurs a transparent means to receive funds. We provide an opportunity to support businesses and new technology from the earliest stages of its development.

O-Bless offers a platform to entrepreneurs to tell their stories, create a business plan, and share their journey with the potential funders. We understand that the creators would want to control how the work comes together around their business idea. Hence, we have a strict policy of funders, not forcing recipients to change their message.

We firmly believe that innovation and creative expression is vital to a healthy and vibrant society. Creativity inspires creativity, and we want creative individuals to get encouraged and drive the funding campaign. We want the ideas to accelerate and escalate into successful organizations. Financially, backing a crowd funding idea on O-Bless platform is like helping a work-in-progress idea realize its full potential.

Our mission is to create a community that is conducive to creativity. Create an account to tap into our community. Reach out to friends and family and other early supporters. Win over the community members and let the project take the snowballing effect. O-Bless allows you to reach out to the other community members for support.

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Your Partner for Success,

Saviour Ellul – Team Leader

This article was published on 02.04.2021 by Saviour Ellul
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