50Cents to 1K Matrix Race

If you are serious about making money online TODAY you do not want to pass up this opportunity! All it takes is 50 cents USD to get started! IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE USA,(THIS IS GLOBAL) YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY $0.83 Cents USD to cover fees if using paypal to make payment. Also, send via friends and family. This is a new revamped system to help you make $1k extremely FAST! AND TO TOP IT OFF ALL OUR PAID MEMBERS ARE INVITED TO JOIN THE $1K PER WEEK RACE! 

pay Out Plan

Tier 1

Level 1

Cost 50 cents

2 people pay you 50 cents total $1.00

Tier 1

Level 2

Cost $1.00

4 people pay you $1.00 total $4.00

Tier 2

Level 1

Cost $2.00

2 people pay you $2.00 total $4.00

Tier 2

Level 2

Cost $4.00

4 people pay you $4.00 total $16.00

Tier 3

Level 1

Cost $8.00

2 people pay you $8.00 total $16.00

Tier 3

Level 2

Cost $16.00

4 people pay you $16.00 total $64.00

Tier 4

Level 1

Cost $32.00

2 people pay you $32.00 total $64.00

Tier 4

Level 2

Cost $64.00

4 people pay you $64.00 Total $320

Tier 5

Level 1

Cost $128

2 people pay you $128 total $256

Tier 5

Level 2

Cost $256

4 people pay you $256 total $1,024

Total Pay out $1,249.50

Can you copy and paste???

Do you have half an hour free to post your link ??

The recruiting of others is important , cant recruit easy?  We at the fast track will help you ! you will not be left alone to succeed as a team we work as a team !!!

You will be added to all the groups which have a variety of people in , they will all be there to help and advise you along the way , if you already have experience of matrix then mabe there is some advice you could add :) 

How does the $1k per week race work?

Sign up today then every Friday join other members and make a new account... This causes MASSIVE spillover PLUS each new account you make is worth over $1k!

Join now with my link twobitmatrix.com/?mandyver

Unlimited Positions!

Anyone can Join!

No Experience required!

All our team members will help you all they can and put you on the right track to !k success 

Instant Account Set-up and Money Making Teamwork!!!

Do you have facebook? If the answer is no, then You will have to sign up for facebook 

Add me on your facebook https://www.facebook.com/mandy.beresford.39

You will enjoy watching your money grow while you make friends and relax.

This Matrix was set up to help and support all those that have had a bad time previously and to show and manage them so that they gain more knowledge about the matrix , to educate in such a way, make it fun , make connections and show everyone that 1K  is very easily achievable that they cannot  lose !!!

I look forward to working with you 

This article was published on 15.04.2016 by Amanda Verboort
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Nixon Chasaya Thanks. Wish you success  4 years ago
Rafael Cruz Thank you for sharing...very informative and interesting  4 years ago

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