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How To Succeed In Network Marketing!

Network marketing is a very lucrative industry, statistics have shown that it is the industry that produces more millionaires than any other industry year after year. Statistics also have it that it is the industry with the highest failure rate (Over 97% failure rate) this is a very disturbing figure considering the huge potentials in the industry. What then is the cause of this unfortunate statistics?

I remember how I used to live under the illusion that I was going to become rich in one month when I first got started in Network Marketing but after struggling for over 4 years wasting $1000’s without making any money, I gave myself a brake to check what was the problem, I decided to study the industry to find out why a few individual are extremely successful and the majority are struggling perpetually. I discovered that there is a common pattern of activities among the successful marketers and there is a different but common pattern of activities among the struggling marketers, this was very revealing to me and influenced the way I built my business that is giving me consistent results now.

What I discovered is that most network marketers are building their businesses backward, what I mean by this is that they are not building their business with the mindset of an Entrepreneur. Who is an entrepreneur you may ask? ''An entrepreneur is someone who solves problem for profit''. Before an entrepreneur establishes his/her business, the first thing he/she does is to identify a particular problem the business will solve, he/she then go ahead and create the business to solve that particular problem and get paid for it.

Most online marketers are struggling because they don’t understand that making money is all about solving the problems of other people, they build their business to solve their own financial problem by asking their prospects to join their business without any consideration for the needs of their prospects. This is what I called building a business backward. As an online marketer, the first step to succeed is to identify your potential customers and also identify a particular problem they have then create your business around solving that problem.

After going through so many years of frustration of failures, my greatest desire is to help as many Network Marketers as possible experience success with their online business without going through any of the frustrations that myself and most online marketers went through before experiencing success.  I have therefore devoted all my time and energy to training Network Marketers in learning how to start their business on a success note by building their business the correct way from the beginning. 

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This article was published on 04.08.2016 by Kayode Ajimoko
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