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Turning uninterested prospects into excited recruits has always been a challenge for network marketers. Before the internet, we had to harass friends and family. When that didn’t work, we were forced out into the world and talked to strangers. Hanging out at the mall and coffee shops, we loitered around hoping to see someone we had the courage to approach. There were other methods as well but most still involved actually talking to someone.

The internet changed that…

Suddenly network marketers were using capture pages, blogging, and email marketing. Eventually, social media came on the scene and marketers jumped on that. As internet speeds increased, so did the rise of video marketing. This meant creating quality, engaging videos.

Unfortunately, unless you were on the internet marketing bandwagon early on, it’s nearly impossible to stand out now. Marketing emails go to spam, blog sites get buried by Google, and the video marketing space has become incredibly crowded. Plus, people on Facebook and other popular social sites have caught on to network marketers hawking their opportunities.

Despite our technology, network marketing still works best when talking to someone one on one. But how do you get someone to talk to you without the resistance of the first contact? Let them contact you first.

One of the best and most powerful ways to do that is through text messaging.

I’ve been using text messaging service They set you up with a telephone number and keyword you can choose. What makes them unique is their chatbot service. Named Lex, the chatbot interacts with leads that text the keyword to your telephone number. So when someone texts, they get a response right away. The bot warms them up and finds out how interested they really are in your opportunity. You aren’t wasting time on people who really aren’t going to sign up.

Lex can do this in several ways. When someone texts your keyword, the chatbot will capture their phone number and then ask for their name and email. From there, Lex can direct them to your website, your Facebook page, or your company’s landing page. Lex can also let the prospect know they will be contacted via email, text, or a phone call. It’s really up to your imagination.

Using text messaging is a combination of old-school, personal technique with a modern edge.

This article was published on 09.05.2023 by John Houck
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