Hello my name is Colin Richards

I have been pursuing multiple income streams for a few years now.

Have been mindful for some time now, about this one job one income, being a failed system. 

But given the current climate ( pandemic ), has brought to light even more than ever,  how vulnerable i am of losing my job, thank God i am still in full time employment at the moment, but i can't afford to take that for granted.

When you got a mortgage, wife and kids, you got even more to lose and with the loss of your income, the pressure begins !!

I also realised that in life you have to take calculated risks, or your life will NOT move anywhere !!.


That used to be my mindset but thank God, i managed to shift my paradigm !

So coming across this opportunity was a breath of fresh air for me !

The person who introduced me to this gift, i have know for over thirty years and though i trusted him, being the  sceptical person that i am, i had to prove the process for myself.

I can whole hearted say, this ticks all the boxes for me !.

Passive income, Earn while you learn ( as the company provides teaching within the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency exchange space ) plus the optional community building aspect to the business akin to network marketing or multi level marketing

This business opportunity is relating to blockchain, providing a vehicle to gain 0.5% a day on your money, 7 days a week, 15% a month, passive income. Minimum membership is $500.

Blockchain is the foundation for all cryptocurrency ( for those who are not aware ), this opportunity is not dependant on the value of a particular token, rising or falling in price.

At the current moment in time, banks are paying 0.1%, a year !!! in the uk, so when you compare that to 0.5% a day !! it was a bit of a no brainer to me !.

Invest a small portion of your  savings into this opportunity and allow your money to go to work.

The company is involved in multiple blockchain projects, owns their own exchange, as well as shares within Binance, Defi incubator, Hyper Mining, ICO/IEO/IPO, Marketing making, Arbitrage, Quant Trading, are just a few of the areas, the company is heavily invested in.

Providing me with the confidence that the company will easily be able to meet their daily obligation of paying the 0.5% a day.

At the moment the company is doing a 1 X 3 promotion for example if you brought a membership for $2000 that will be tripled to $6000 instantly, then every 5 days your interest builds up to $50, which you can then allow to build up, or withdraw but what a lot of members do, myself included is to compound the interest, which is also tripled, so $150 will be added to your $6000. 

From the above example, you can see the passive flow of income instantly, the tripling of the initial investment, 0.5 % a day, the tripling of the compounded interest.

There is a magic number which is $10,000, this is the magic number as this allow you to generate the $50 every day.  Your $10,000 which is tripled instantly to $30,000 and if you apply the strategy of compounding the interest, after just 1 year your $10,000 will be worth $132, 281 !!!, or $765,000 after 2 years.

Again i will stress the minimum membership is $500, which is instantly tripled to $1500, above was just to stress why $10,000 or above is the magic number, to expedite the growth of your money.

Yes i know what you are thinking.......what is the catch this sounds to good to be true ! ...i can only answer that by saying, it is true, myself and all the members are living proof to this....

We do encourage members to come in strong, but it is very important to come in at a level where you can sleep like a baby at night...

The company also has it own visa / master card and has just recently migrated over to a new website and app.

This really is a great opportunity, one of great sustainability .............

If you require further information please contact me 

This article was published on 15.02.2021 by Collin Richards
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HyperTech - BLOCKCHAIN, 500 USD to join

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