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Healthy and Nutrition

Back in the day, my first nutritional product was a food derived supplement grown primarily in company owned farms in California.  This was Nutrilite, a product of the Amway corporation.  I still believe it is largely still produced the same way.  I never got sick while taking it, despite working too hard, being under a lot of stress, and exposed at work to all kinds of viruses.  

Lately it seems that the pendulum has swung back to the natural approach and thankfully so.  Because of the GMO food we've been sold by advertisers and the high fructose corn syrup used instead of real food in many of our foods , snacks, and soda, the incidence of Type II diabetes is through the roof.  Along with that comes a higher incidence of heart disease and Alzheimer disease.  Much to learn about this on my blog,

I think that there is much we can do about this before taking a look at my solution.  Start with reading the labels.  If it has any high fructose corn syrup, put it back on the shelf like you were being given poison.  It is.  Any carbohydrate content needs to be looked at similarly.  You may love the sweetness, but it is the siren call to early death and disability.  

Follow a paleo diet.  Amazon is probably the best place to purchase any of a number of books.  My favorite is the Grain Brain by Dr David Perlmutter, and the New Adkins Made Easy.  Both on

To my opportunity?   Yes, this is safe effective and fast acting.  Look here:  New ME.  Here's how it works and why it can work for you.  Just about every other diet program out there works on the low calorie restriction with a whey or chic pea protein powder that you make one or two shakes per day.  The idea is caloric restriction and satiation by the bulk of the shake and the frequent meals that are lo in carbohydrates with the idea that if you can keep your insulin from responding to the rise in blood sugar that ordinarily would accompany a "snack" you will eventually develop what's called a state of ketosis.  This happens if you don't cheat and it is accompanied by a loss of hunger.  

There is a different and more rapid way to do this.  investigators at the University of Miami recently created and patented a process which does what used to take days or weeks into a one day program of ketosis.  The program is called PruvitOS and it works.  I've been on it for one week and have no appetite and my testing of my  own urine shows that I have been in ketosis since the first part of the first day!  Click the New ME link above and get ketosis yourself!

This article was published on 08.09.2015 by Donald Ketterhagen
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