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Hello Fellow MLM's

I hope you're all well and have had a good 2015.

I've made a decision for 2016 and that is to free up time so i can spend more of my precious time with family and friends. Doing more of the things i want, and less of the things i don't want.  How did this all come about you may ask?  Well i attended a pretty large (very popular) seminar in Jhb with an International Organization that assist you in becoming financially free.  Its a very intensive 3 day event.  There were some hi's and lows of the program...  They provide you with 2 sheets of paper a green one and and a gold one, both with declarations on them (some of you by this point will know which conference/seminar this was now).  There were a few phrases which resonated with me.  "i work because i want to, not because i have to", "I don't work for money, money works for me", etc, etc.

It started me off on a long journey to find a REPUTABLE passive-income (there are so many scams out there, its actually scary), one i was proud to share with friends and family, one that had been around for a while and one that had Leaders who have integrity! 

In my experience, people look into Business Opportunities with stars in their eyes, after they've been sold on some pipe dream and false hope that they're going to crack the big bucks with little to no effort...  If only it was that easy.

I'm very grateful to be part of a SUPPORTIVE team that has a very unique business model...  Invest in high yielding passive income streams, which continue to bring in a return on a daily basis (regardless of wether people join under you or not.) and then the profits that you make, we use to buy gold.  Our team provides a full support system, sales funnel, capture pages and even follow up mails.  We like to call it a business in a box! 

If you're as skeptical as i was, you probably think this is a load of nonsense.  Thankfully it's not.  Try it out today and see for yourself:

I look forward to seeing you on the inside! :-) 

This article was published on 12.12.2015 by John Deane
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