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How does Financial Literacy REALLY WORK?

One of the great questions that I am always asked is: How does financial literacy actually help families move from financial insecurity to financial independence?

Today I will take a few minutes of your time to share with you exactly how simple concepts learned through financial literacy helps a family make small changes in the way they do "Money" and achieve big results.

(Don't want to read, but rather listen to this, use the link for a quick video explaining this:

Let me lay the ground work here.

We all know that most of us are stuck in this cycle of what we call J. O. B. (Journey of the Broke).

Why is that?

Well if you look closely, for most American families, half or 50% of our paycheck right away goes towards our living expenses. It is even more when you have kids with growing needs.

Another 25% goes towards debt payments like cars, mortgage and other credit cards and student loans etc.

And then comes our favorite uncle Uncle Sam, stealing 25% of our paycheck before we even know it.

Most families are left with little to nothing left to save.

Do you feel like that sometimes? Do you ever wish if your paycheck was just a tad bigger? Like just a $300 more may be every other week? How would $1,000 extra a month can change your family's finances? Do you ever feel like there is always too much month left at the end of your paycheck?

You're not alone. Over 80% Americans feel the same way, and say an extra $300 to $500 can change their lives. An extra $1,000 will go a long way.

How does financial literacy comes into play?

When you're educated about how money works, you put in place some tax saving strategies in place immediately. Most Americans are paying more than their fair share of taxes. 

Step 1: We implement immediate legal and ethical tax savings strategies in place which immediately increase your paycheck by $100 - $300 per pay check for most American families.

Step 2: We use that immediate Cash Flow in Paying down some of the debt right away.

Now in just a few months, with reduced taxes, and lower monthly debt payments, your family's budget have easily $300 - $1000 on average per paycheck. 

Do you think that extra $300 can now go towards saving for one of your family's financial goals? For college fund? Down Payment? Wedding? Retirement? What can an extra $300 do for you? What can extra $1,000 do for your family?

Now you can apply Step 1 & 2 immediately to make some big changes, however the fact remains that you are still in that cycle of the journey of the broke. True financial freedom comes when you are capable of breaking the chains from your cubicle. 

You are here reading this article because you want to be totally financially free. Agreed?

Let me share what our financial literacy does to help you become totally financially free.

Step 3: Most people work for money, meaning they sell their time to their employer in order to get money to pay their bills. That valuable time away from your family is worth only so much in the marketplace and your employer is always willing to pay less for it. Right?

Most families have 1 or 2 incomes from J. O. B. and most families have no or very little passive income.

What is passive income? Passive income is when your money makes money for you. You do not have to sell your time to make money. Wealthy people have multiple sources of passive income. Even in situations like shelter in place and global pandemic, they may lose one or two streams of revenue but other streams continue to bring income.

Now in the work force, you are either making passive income or you're someone else's passive income.

What do I mean by that? For example a wealthy person takes his money and invest in a Panda Express. Now he may come every now and then to look at the business, but the business model guarantees a full operational staff that will run the business for him to create profit for him. Now say, you worked at that Panda Express, you are a great employee, you greet customers with smile, and always take care of them, and customers keep coming back for more because of you. Did you noticed that harder you work, more profit the business owner makes? YOU are his source of passive income. Harder you work more money he makes.

My dear friend, do you think, you can work that hard in your own business and grow your own business to make it profitable?

Step 3 therefore is starting a personal source of business, that can grow into massive passive income.

Now on to next Step

Step 4: Here we talk about how you save and invest that extra few dollars that you have left over after spending. Most people who are looking for safety goes towards banks. Banks do provide little safety for your money, however there is no growth. In order to achieve growth most people believe they have to take risky market based investments that can and does go down in value every few years.

Most people believe that they have to choose either Safety or Growth. When you are financially educated, you find out that there are strategies that guarantees safety against markets, yet allows you to enjoy market like growth. Not only that many strategies comes with built in tax shelters to protect your money from Uncle Sam's evil hands. And Many strategies have built in protection for your income if you become sick or disable or pass away. These strategies will provide passive income to you and your family in the time of distress.

WOW. That was a shocking revelation right? Yes. The first time I heard that I did not believed it either. Now I have those strategies in place for myself and both my sons and we have a peace of mind that our money is growing, with safety, and will not be taxed unfairly.

This not all though. You know passive income and strategies alone are not enough. If you are not fully educated and constantly up to date with changing times, you may not have all that you want.

In order to achieve total and absolute financial freedom you must educate yourself in how money works. 
Step 5: Therefore you must join and become a Campaigner in our Financial Literacy Campaign. We provide free resources that are updated all the time, we provide workshops on how money work, we provide motivation, mentorship and opportunities for you to hang out and grow with successful people. And not just that, help us promote our Campaign to more families, and spread the wealth and prosperity to others, just like I am doing here in this article.

ISNT That an AMAZING LIFE? Making a Living, Building a Legacy While Helping Others!

Let me recap.

Step 1 - Lower your taxes to increase cash flow

Step 2 - Pay off debt to further increase cash flow and increase savings

Step 3 - Start a small passive income stream

Step 4 - Re-evaluate your portfolio and use proper strategies to Protect & Grow your wealth at the same time

Step 5 - Become a financial literacy campaigner and embrace the lifestyle of Financial Freedom!

Sounds Magical! Right?

If this makes sense to you, go to to get your FREE Copy of our Book that has changed over 1.5 Million Lives.

Reach out to me and let's get Your Family Start Your Journey From Financial Insecurity to Financial Independence.

My Calendly link to meet me via zoom. (US & Canada Only)

This article was published on 05.10.2021 by Lodhi Moneydoctor
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