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When I watched the 4 minute video about a FREE business with CTFO (Chew The Fat Off), I was immediately intrigued...  Throughout the years, I have been offered several "free to join" opportunities only to find out that in order to get paid I had to place a qualifying order.  So, when I saw that I can still collect commissions on my personal sales without ever placing an order myself, I was almost sold...  So, I began researching...  Everything I have found in online reviews verified that it is TRUE!  One review site, especially geared towards military veterans (something very close to my heart), even RECOMMENDS this business!

The business is still very new.  It was started in late 2015!  That means that they have not reached saturation yet!  That is wonderful news because it means that the chances of running into people already doing the business (or hearing about the business) is small in comparison to companies that have been around for years!  Finding all of this out, I said to myself: "FINALLY!  A network marketing company that is new and doesn't require me to buy a lot of expensive stuff to start getting paid!"

All that being said, does CTFO want all associates to buy product?  OF COURSE THEY DO!  That's how the company makes money and how everyone above you gets paid.  But, the fact that you are NOT REQUIRED to purchase anything EVER means that you have the opportunity to focus on the business and generating sales!

So, how much can you make without ever buying anything?  You get a whopping 20% commission on all of your personally enrolled customers!  A 20% commission for a handful of customers who order month after month can really add up.   There is one member who was able to generate $252 in commissions in her FIRST WEEK!  That is pretty amazing, and speaks volumes about the marketability of the products.

So, what about commissions on team building?  You do get commissions on the business builders and their personal sales in your organization too!  However, to qualify for those commissions, you must make a qualifying monthly purchase.  That's not a bad deal though!  A qualifying purchase is $50 a month.  So, just 5 direct sales in a month pays for your purchase. 

So, what do you have to lose?  About 7 minutes of time (watching a 4 minute video and the sign up process)!  Seriously, that's it!  The business is FREE.  The websites for your products and business promotion are FREE.  The marketing information is provided in PDF format and is FREE.  You qualify for 20% commissions NO PURCHASE REQUIRED.

How did I do it?  I signed up for the FREE business.  I started talking about the products and printed off some product labels (provided for FREE).  I marketed the business opportunity on Craigslist and other free venues.  I answered some emails.  Now, a week into the business I am already at the Manager Level!

In conclusion, give it a go!  Even if you never buy a product, you will get paid on your personal sales!  Even if you never recruit anyone into your business, you will get paid on your personal sales!  The 20% commission on personal sales never goes down and never has a stipulation put on it!  I call that a pretty good opportunity!

This article was published on 27.09.2016 by Chris Kuhlman
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CTFO - Nutrion, Weight Loss, Free to join

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