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Help people make the leap from debt to abundance.

As children, we have the greatest imagination and dream of a wonderful future. Unfortunately, sometimes as adults, our dreams get buried under what we term “Reality”, which usually translates into debt! As an adult, can you imagine yourself being Debt Free? It will not be hard to do, once we show you how. With 7 Rings of Wealth & Wisdom, not only can you begin to imagine what you truly desire again, but we can show you how to turn your dreams into reality.

There is a difference in being broke and being poor or even worse, impoverished. Being broke is an economic condition, but being poor or impoverished is a disabling frame of mind and a distressed condition of the spirit. So, we must vow to never, ever be poor or impoverished again. The first thing one can do to combat these conditions is to earn the money needed to reverse the condition.

Debt is a terrible disease that destroys marriages, families, and businesses, as well. In fact, debt is destroying peoples lives in much of the world. However, being impoverished tears at a person’s soul and soon they give up hope. There is a solution for both these conditions and we have it for you today and NOW!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Start Now I Wanna Change Peoples Lives<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Collaborate CoOp

Why join our CoOp? We are a Cooperative Association of Producers and Consumers helping each other to get out of debt now and start our own business in the Sharing Economy. We follow the 7 Cooperative Rochdale Principles, especially to educate our members.

Membership (Basic) is FREE to join. You may also choose to be a Share Member, be an owner of the CoOp with one share and one vote. Our CoOp’s Board of Directors is made up of elected Share Members.

Did You Know? There are over 40,000 CoOps in the United States with more than 100 million members. According to the International Cooperative Association (ICA), the top 300 CoOps worldwide produce more than $2.5 Trillion USD. CoOps are in many industries like insurance, agriculture, banking, wholesale, utilities, education, and health. For example, State Farm Insurance is in the Top 5 CoOps Worldwide! Credit Unions are CoOps. Many foods you buy are from CoOps too!


This article was published on 29.09.2017 by Paul Villella
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