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Recruiting can be a serious pain... Let's fix it!

If you've been in network marketing for any period of time and you've been told to do things like cold calling folks, throwing house parties or bugging friends and family, then you know just how painful that can be.

You have to have nerves of steel to call someone you don't know only for them to hang up on you before you've even established a conversation.

You think of the stress involved with inviting a bunch of people to your house for a business presentation.

You stress about what your friends or family will think of you when you tell them about how you're involved with a business opportunity.

And the crazy thing is that some people thinks this stuff works. I'm sorry but this is 2020 and there shouldn't even be a reason for newer networkers being taught like this is what you're supposed to do.

This is why the internet exists. And because of that we have the ability to leverage that through a simple system that doesn't involve throwing house parties, cold calling people and telling friends or family anything.

So let's fix it, get rid of the marketing tactics from the 1990's and enter the new age of marketing with the Perpetual Enrollment Machine or PEM for short.

PEM works by using some very powerful resources to help automate a lot of the recruiting process as well as offering your prospects a big incentive to join your business.

See, while other networkers may be recruiting others into their businesses and encouraging their affiliates to do those same old school tactics...

Your recruits will have access to a brand new system that can generate huge amounts of momentum in their business when you share this system with them.

This will especially be the case when you share this with affiliates you already have with you.

The entire point of PEM is to not only empower your networking business through a powerful automative system, but create the snowball effect when your fellow teammates are also getting access to and implementing the same system into their business.

PEM gives you access to a brand new marketing platform, your own email system, your own advisor to help you through the process and a lead generation platform that gives you 100-200 leads every single day.

The best part being that you also have a chance to add additional income streams to you as each of the resources given to you, each have their own free to join affiliate or referral programs.

So you get paid for sharing the same tools you use while you're promoting your business opportunity up front.

More details can be found by clicking here to see this short video.

At the end of the day, there's a reason why some networkers are moving at lightspeed while others feel like they're getting nowhere fast.

It's about time we get into the new swing of things if you're looking to make your dream networking business come to life.

This article was published on 29.04.2020 by Kevin Williams
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