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Hello all,

My name is Diana, and just very quickly about me so you know who I am! I am a wife, mom and a Scientist, who got tired of crazy schedule and took a 'leap of faith' to join a Multi-level Marketing company that I already trusted as a customer.

My biggest reason to go for it was an opportunity to spend more time with my family, while sharing Wellness Solutions & paying some bills rather than feeling awful that my husband has to pull that huge financial needs load on his shoulders all alone. And, of course, amazing compensation plan was a huge plus! 

The company I work with is called doTerra. doTerra is the largest Essential Oil company that has grown at the same rate as Apple did! Plants sourced for doTerra come from over 40 different countries to ensure potency and that beneficial plant chemistry that would cause the positive benefits for your emotional and physical health. Since I loved the product already, and been using these for over a year with tons of success, sharing these was simple. Slowly, this has become a passive income for us that just shows up in our account due to people ordering over & over again  since there products do become much needed solutions for many.

Few things to consider if you are on the verge of 'trying or not'!

1. What are you interests? It's easy to sell or market what you love.. For me this was Natural Wellness, Essential Oils I was in love with and best supplements ever that finally corrected my malnourishment issues...

2. Which company would like to work with? Why? Compare compensation plans, don't just jump right into it! See what each one has to offer. I went through 6 different compensation plans before we settled on this one.

3. Have you had success with the products the company you chose is selling? If not, don't go for it... People want to know your experiences...

4. What's your why? There will be hard times & months... The WHY will keep you going!

5. Find a good leader.. who cares not just about the money they can make through you, but who will help you grow and improve as they are improving themselves.

Quick Link for you to explore more on doTerra and contact me if you wish:

Blessings, stay well & happy!

-Diana Maksimov

This article was published on 17.11.2021 by Diana Maks
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doTERRA - Wellness Advocate, Free to join

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