To CBD or Not to CBD

Wow! Has Hemp come on like a whirlwind! Has it not? Direct Selling News says that it is destined to be a $22 Billion industry in the next 3 to 4 years.

Have you started doing your due diligence into CBD companies and products? At first glance I thought one CBD is as good as another. Until I dug a little bit deep and learned to check into absorption rate.  What does that have to do with anything? Right?  Just like many products on the market many are made to be exactly what the manufactures think the market is looking for. You know, as a person in marketing, that there are those who will only look at the price. They'll be looking for CBD at the cheapest price available. How well it works doesn't matter. Then on the other extreme you have those who will only produce a product that is highly efficacious and will use the best core products and procedures knowing that the cost will be well worth it.

Another thing I wanted to know was the likelihood it that company/product being around. Did you know that there was a direct selling company that had  a red rice product that lowered cholesterol? Great product. UNTIL... a drug company synthesized the molecule in red rice and from the point forward no company could sell a red rice, cholesterol lowering, product as it was then considered a drug. That's right. Even though it was a natural supplement since the drug industry had synthesized a natural molecule even the natural had to be classified as a drug. Stinks doesn't it? Where am I going with this? With the explosive demand for CBD you can all but look forward to some drug company being the first to synthesize the CBD molecule. What will that do for the companies marketing CBD? Any marketers of CBD products will be shut down overnight or face charges for selling drugs without a license.

So what to do?! Easy. Evolv Health is just rolling out a Hemp oil but not just any help oil. Research has found that adding the terpines found in the plant that when given to patients in a hospital in Florida the patients had a 50% absorption rate. No other CBD or Hemp product could touch that, 10% at best. But they didn't stop there. You're aware of Aloe and the healing properties it offers. They added the immune system activating molecule from the Aloe and the results were a 90% absorption rate. With this blend a Composition of Matter patent has been filed which will keep it their product for at least 20 years after the patent is granted until then it is Patent Pending and cannot be touched. And the president of the company is making sure that to secure it's future it is NOT CBD it is a broad spectrum Hemp.

The company is currently operating in the US and Canada with plans to expand globally. This first week of March, 2019, is the roll out of the product with special kit pricing. Now is the time to get a position with the company as we begin to change healthcare as we know it. One doctor in Dallas TX has already stated that not only will this WILL change a lot of peoples lives and it will change health care as we know it.

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This article was published on 04.03.2019 by Doug Dye
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