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My mission is to help people get healthy from the inside out. These products do not cure disease but help to ease the pain and discomfort of many symptoms associated with many. From weight management, vitamins, breast health, and muscle pain from every day stress and stains. Let me know how I can help, I will lead you in the right direction. This is my journey with Plexus to a healthier body and lifestyle. Since I have turned 50 almost two years ago I have struggled with loosing weight. I have gained an enormous amount of weight for me. I have had health issues that have been on going high blood pressure, high cholesterol, unusual body aches and pains, headaches, a weak immunity system, fatigued, hot flashes and thyroid issues to name but a few. It is starting to interfere with my emotional well being. I am not comfortable with the way that I look. So I have decided to try something new and to have accountability for my transformation. I want to write about it and share with you my journey. Maybe just maybe it will help other people too along the way!!

Turning 50 has been a game changer for me. Not only did I realize that I have lived half my life all ready but I had another half of a life to live yet!! The questions came flooding in….are you happy? Do you want to continue living your life like this? How are you going to retire? Are you happy in your job? All of these questions and I didn’t have answers. That scared me. I realized that I am not living my life, I am not happy in my job, I want more than this. There has to be a better way of living life. AND it hit me…..I have always known for a very long time now that there are ways of making money on line believe me I have searched and searched, tried some and failed….miserably and loosing a lot of money in the process. This time though I believe in my vision I have a plan that is going to make me succeed. I have been asked about the WHY…..below in the photo is my partner….he is the love of my life and our beautiful granddaughter. They are the WHY and how important it is to have our time back and not be chained to our jobs….we live too far away and we are missing out on all of her milestones and accomplishments. In the near future I want this to change I want us to move closer to our Granddaughter and my kids. Sure there is Skype…the phone and text messages but there is nothing like being with our granddaughter and seeing the innocence in her eyes and her beautiful smile that melts your heart!!

This article was published on 04.04.2016 by Shelley Davies
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