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I've been very interested in Bitcoin, but it has been a huge mountain to climb when it gets to investing bitcoins.Not all people have huge funds available to invest and buy bitcoin, but yet, it is a very attractive Niche that we all would like to benefit from.

I have lost lots of money with investments because of other people just simply knowing more about crypto than i do.

And there are computer experts that take advantage of that, but it seems like i have come to a point where i've got Legitimate company's where i can i can invest bitcoin, and earn great interest with.

And ive started doing it, starting from the bottom, and building myself up again. And it seems my Bitcoin balance will grow if i share it with others, and that is why you are reading this.

The first company is Finalmente Global, they are a registered company Based in Midrand South Africa, and they offer great interest on Bitcoin Loans.

Ive loaned them 0.0001 BTC, and ive been receiving 7% interest every seven days for lending them my Bitcoin, and the best part of it all is that the interest earned can be withdrawn immediately or it can be re loaned and grow. This is compound interest, and in a very short time a small investment can rely become a life changing experience. They have other investment packages for those with more Bitcoin, and some of them are on a 30 day investment plan. Here is a link to the company mentioned(if the link doesnt work, just copy and past into your browser): 


That is a shortened link, so that i will be able to know when someone has been referred by me, and it also gives me commission for referring someone.

It is free to register. I would suggest that you register a account with them, have a look around, watch some training video's on how things work, and when you ready, let your Bitcoin work for you. It is simple and easy to invest if you have a bitcoin wallet.

Then there is something else i would like to share with people, and that is the new Google Chrome Browser, that comes with bitcoin mining software built into it out of the box. I couldn't believe my eyes when i first saw this, and it actually works. It has made my browsing faster, it just has made my howl computer better. They provide state of the art affiliate materials that are brilliant and very professional. There is just to much to mention. Download the free software here, and see for yourself. It is Google Chrome, all tho they don't say so directly, but i can see it is.

Install the software, restart your computer for tweaks to be done to your computer, and use the browser all the time. Ive emigrated totally, and it is running smoooooooth lol. Here is the download link:


Hopefully i can become a premium member on this MLM Gateway website soon

This article was published on 30.04.2020 by Anton Thomas
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Bitcoin Interest - Bitcoin Lending Prog, 5 USD to join

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