Kulabrands receive royaltties is the strength of the community

I think I found something that both of us can make money at the same time

As a Kulabrands member , you can earn reverse royalty payments on the

worldwide gross sales of one-time actions, and get paid for that work

repeatedly throughout year life. The more one-time actions you choose

to take, the more you can earn

Kulabrands is a community based, patent-pending business and help

enterpreneurs take their inventions to the mass retail market

Kulabrands system funnels all about is meeting new people

Their is a crowdfunding pool - back the inventors through crowdfunding

Brand/Marketing pool - social media marketing

sales pool - sales through members ecommerce stores

so looking forward in talking to you just give me some time

The power of Kulabrands is in the strength of its community

We have webinars evening where everyone is excited to see how the people

progress on there invention and you get to participate as a member

to earn reverse royalties.  All members are very excited

i am also very excited preledging and purchasing i receive points

and you don't even have to recruit or pledge

you still receive royalties  Do you like to comment and share 

thats all you do 

they have a very supported tech and if you can call them during work


Kulabrands been in business for 3 years

Kula Marketing is reaching to goal to reach 30,000 people

If someone like wants to invent they provide a funding

where they help you along the way to promote your idea

Kula Marketing Sytem Funnels

Contact Manager leads in back office and phone

Bloggs - prewritten Bloggs share their blogg

System Training

how to get traffic to your funnels

autoresponder already preloades 

There is a Welcome starter package

training video real easy to follow and if you have any questions i can

guide you along the way

very affordable to join one-time fee for life

you can make monthly payments for 12 months and after 12 months for free

to go 

As you are in back office

you have a Dashboard

welcome start here


resource pages

from infusion soft

members calls

business tools

marketing resources

referral links 

email templates

banners ads

my community 

influence report 

influence hierachy



casted votes

bulk orders

you can do trade shows if you want and earn several thousands

at a trade show 

you get to purchase at a large discount cost of products

great career this is the best and easy

so if you have any questions please contact me

and again looking forward to meeting you and talking

about Kulabrands

The Power of Kulabrands is in the strenght of its community

This article was published on 28.03.2019 by Zita Slawinski
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