Do You Hate Calling Leads?

Do You Hate Calling Leads?

     Face it, leads are what makes your business! Without leads, you fail online. It is the same thing as opening a new convenient store and not one single customer walks into the door. Ever! What can you do? In this example, you could parade outside of your new store and hand out fliers or dance around in a funny costume. We have all seen this type of "grand opening" or ongoing (God Help them!) advertising. I see the same thing happening online. Flashy posts, neon lights, Work With Me, JOIN ME, and so on. The internet is now flooded with places to throw these flashy signs around.  Now we will fast forward to the future. You are able to get a couple business leads who are interested in what you have to offer! Now What?

     You are staring at a lead and see you have captured a few key pieces of information. You have the leads name, E-Mail address, and phone number. You quickly decide to E-Mail the lead and share everything that makes your business "the greatest in the world" You send the E-mail and wait for the reply. You check your E-mail over and over, but nothing! 95% of your leads will not respond to your E-Mail. I hate to say it but chances are you need to call your new lead. So, question for you, why are you worried about calling this person who has shown interest in your opportunity?

     You bite the bullet and make the phone call. The person on the other end has no idea what you are talking about or quickly says they aren't interested. UGH, every marketers worse nightmare. You now hate calling leads. I was there too my friends. I was able to obtain over 200 leads in a single weekend. I converted none of them. I did everything to avoid calling my leads because it was very uncomfortable to me. I read scripts and watched videos, yet still hate calling leads. Why? Because I know people are online clicking link after linking, forgetting about half of them. I would say 10-20% of them will be positive, however the majority is a CLICK in your ear. SO what else can you?

     I was ready to hire someone to call my leads for me. Yes, I seriously was. I was outsourcing calling people who need to know me if they were going to work with me. I am glad I came to my senses and decided not to do this. Instead I learned how to connect with people using organic methods. This involved having an initial conversation online. Once the engagement was there I let my team do the rest. You see my job, bring my leads to a live meeting where I didn't have to do the talking. Whew! I am now off the hook from calling and working my leads. I drive them to a site that does this for me. 

     My first week I had 2 solid leads join my business and begin doing the same thing. My down line doubled the next week, and well it keeps going. So many people struggle with calling leads! I have even purchased leads, called them and turned up flat! The key here is to find engaged people ready to have a conversation. I encourage "hanging out" in places with other people looking to succeed online. Knowing the places makes inviting people to a conversation a whole lot easier than plucking them from random places. For a list of the places "engaged people hang out" Check out this Site Now!

     When your team talks to your leads, converts them, helps them join and become affiliates, you begin to make money! The art of the online conversation will get you ahead. Deploying a combination of organic and traffic related methods to do this equals greater opportunity for you. 

     For more information on Organic Marketing Methods Please Connect with Me Today!

     Lets have a conversation! No calling leads required! LOL

This article was published on 20.05.2018 by John Green
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