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Traveling around this wonderful world is the most interesting thing to do in my life. When I decide to visit some cities, I get to excite to plan for every thing. For example, tickets, hotels. Also, I look for the beast place to visit in this city. Truly, if I want to do all these things, I still need three importing things to have. First of all, having a good job in my life help me to bay every thing for travelling. For example, I can bay a ticket, however where I will go, also I can booking the beast hotel in the city and have a lot of fun. In addition, with this money I can feel more interesting and relaxing with out any problem during my trip. Secondly, the biggest obstacle in my travelling was the language, but not any more. I work to hard to learn English in order to contact with people everywhere. Surly, the language is not that easy, also it takes along time to learn, but it is so important. For example, when I want to order food or pay something I will need it surly in this this.Finally, when I visits a new place, and I know before the traditions their, I feel so comfortable because I want to be polite with all the people their, so now one will get a best of me. If I have all this important things, I will visit at least 100 countries in this beautiful world.

Each and everyday, more and more people are using the internet to book their travel arrangements. Booking a vacation, hotels, cruises or a tour, often they are using their computer and the internet to find information and sources. They normally use the internet to receive rates promotions request information and most of the time book their flight or vacation online. In this paper I will discuss why it is important for web sites to differentiate their sites from other similar sites. I will also explain why the travel industry's internet growth will be so exponential in the years to come. According to a survey done by PhoCusWright Travel e-Commerce states the following 80 percent have "looked" at internet travel sites such as,,,, etc. 58 percent have checked prices concerning their travel arrangements One-fifth of the wired travelers have used the internet to book their travel online. 68 percent have used the internet to do their research and plan their personal travel. 57 percent have looked but not booked ticket information over the internet and of these 57 percent, 70 percent have bought their ticket later from another source such as their travel agent or airline. (Security) The study also shows that even though travelers desire the best available price in the market, they are fearful of security and privacy. 82 percent worry that their credit card security might be used by other users, 79 percent are afraid of their privacy being violated, 7 percent feel more comfortable speaking with a knowledgeable salesperson, and that 48 percent would prefer their own travel agent that they know and trust. Despite the reluctance of many online travelers to make purchases, travel and travel-related services remain among the top three segments for Web purchases. There are many different website such as,,, and that has bombarded our screen every time we surf the internet. 


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