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The SOLUTION to lack of cash in Network Marketing

One should never battle to enter and remain in network marketing because of cash flow - it is the gateway to changing one's live - in fact, it's the gateway to changing many lives worldwide. 

Network marketing is fantastic if you are an entrepreneur! Network Marketing is the highest grossing industry in the world. The American NFL grosses $95 billion per year, the music industry grosses $16.5 billion per year. Organic Products come in at $91 billion per year over the movie industry of $80 billion which at beats video gaming at $67 billion. NETWORK MARKETING GROSSES $167 BILLION PER YEAR! Who does not want a piece of this action? 

World famous business leaders like Richard Branson, the late Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and even Donald Trump have all said that if they had to start over again in business, they would start in network marketing. Even J. Paul Getty, one of the richest men we have seen has said "I'd rather have 1of the effort of 100 men, than 100% of my own efforts! 

We are onto something good here people. We can change lives and eliminate poverty! 

The cost of entering network marketing is more affordable than starting your own business or buying a franchise, which could go in excess of R60 million in South Africa and then one hasn't even added in the staff issues, marketing, service delivery, cash flow, etc.

Why do people enter network marketing? It's affordable and people (non-net workers) are often under the assumption that it is a way to generate "easy cash" by just finding X amount of people to join you! 

The first part is correct, a good MLM company is affordable, but what isn't is the monthly fees payable as auto ships, product top-ups, etc., if one hasn't recruited. How many good people have been disillusioned because of this? They have bought in because of the hype and left because what looks good on paper doesn't always translate to results.

We have come up with a SOLUTION! 

It's affordable, recruiting is kept to an absolute minimum, results on earnings (in $US) is quick and with the bonus earned we show you how to re-invest in bigger networks that pay bigger commissions.

If you are a leader in the MLM industry and are being faced with this predicament where you are helping your team out financially every month (teach a man to fish, don't feed him) then you have to drop me a line. 

Natalie Elliott 083 676 3829 / 

This article was published on 14.06.2016 by Natalie Elliott
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