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I divide my time between Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Boulder, Colorado.  

I am a Registered Nurse since 1970 and a travelling RN for the last 35 years of which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  

 Have travelled the United States on short term contracts always working in the Operating Room.   

All during my years as a travelling nurse, (during my downtimes) I have dabbled in marketing and sales,  mostly in the health supplement arena with success in mail order and Multi level Marketing.   

I first was mentored by Richard Dennis who made a name for himself by producing an underground classic sales tape called "Dead Doctors Don’t Lie".  It exposed the poor nutritional state of our farmed foods and the early lowered life expectancy of doctors who are miseducated on the importance of good nutrition. We made a lot of sales and helped a lot of people.  

Later I was mentored by Gary Haiser who is a Master at copywriting and marketing systems.  We had varying degrees of success depending on the value of the product. (the better the product the better the sales).  

With a great Product I am able to develop a marketing plan,  I Will focus to implement that plan,

I am now ready to start a new chapter in my life with CTFO  SEE MY SITE>>>  CLICK BELOW

 I am transitioning away from my nursing profession and choose to make a move get focused and create value for myself that will translate into benefits for others.  

 My background is healthcare and as a result I have great people skills, leadership skills and as an aside I have a love of marketing and sales.  Getting 1,000 or more customers should be very doable with a product that virtually everyone uses and can save them money every month.  

With the right product and the right timing, I am set to blast off into the future with spirit, and a fire in the belly. Now watch this video>>>     WWW.TOPSALESSYSTEM.COM

I would begin with what I have had success with in the past.  Direct Mail, local advertising, email marketing, word of mouth and of course, working closely with my friends Thomas Maher and J. Peters.  Contact me thru my web page above and we can make this work.     Know that this  company with a great compensation plan (Which is on fire}.CTFO has  inspired leaders.

My question to you is "What Do You Want?"  Easily and Naturally you will contact me. It will be  because you see something here that interests you. Sign Up Now! Come Join Me and You will benifit with/from our POSTCARD or with our 2-STEP POSTAL MAILING SYSTEM. (available only to our TEAM.)

Thank You in Advance

Richard McCurdy     

This article was published on 21.02.2019 by Richard Mccurdy
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