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People Ask Me Why I Like EmpowerLife Club Business Opportunity so Much...!?

Hello Friend, 

Many people ask me over and over: What is my reasons for so much effort to promote a $10 a month business opportunity that, according to them: "can't bring in a lot of money." 

Well I joined EmpowerLife Club on 27th July 2023, while still in Pre-Launch with more than 150k New Members Who Joined After Me! EmpowerLife Club only Pre-Launched on 26th July 2023 and there Official Launch was on Monday August 21st '23. In Less than 3 days since their Official Launch I have earned $100 without having to do anything! And it only cost me $20 be become an active member within the community! Yes that is right! After registration you can decide to activate your EmpowerLife Club Membership with $20 which will cover your activation and first month's membership. From thereon you will pay $10 monthly to stay an active member! 

 I see things differently... I am still involved with many other opportunities, but I have realised that there are many hundreds of thousands of people out there that make little to no money from all there efforts and in fact have potentially lost more than they have ever made! 

97% of all network marketers hardly make any money at all and I feel bad for those people, because they are the ones that keeps this industry alive..  

My goal is to work in such a way that as many of the people that join me in any business actually make money and learn to empower themselves to take as much daily action as possible! 

With EmpowerLife I see the possibilities for people to actually SURVIVE long enough and gain the time required to learn all the skills and reshape their mindset to become a leader because ultimately most people drop out of these programs very early because they don't make money fast enough to cover the cost and emotional pain they felt when they took the gamble to invest into which ever platform they joined. 

With EmpowerLife you only pay $10 bucks per month so it's eminently affordable for everyone and especially beginners or people that really struggle with prospecting or struggle with time management. With only a $10 per month subscription they are not financially going to lose and in their own minds it isn't life changing make or break sums that they could potentially lose. 

But here is the beauty of EmpowerLife... You only need to refer one person per month to make this an entirely free platform!  

EmpowerLife has eight (8) ways of generating passive and residual income on autopilot, even while sleeping from the comfort of your home! 

To familiar yourself with the platform information and benefits available to all active members, visit the EmpowerLife website >>> Click here 

To become part of our team, connect with me:  


We all Start at the same place and from small beginnings comes big things... I have seen it happen to so many of my online friends.  

I treat EmpowerLife as the first training ground for all budding network and affiliate marketers. The value inside the platform is on point for the price and we all get the chance to grow a network over time! 

Come and test it out and join our team Today!
This article was published on 08.09.2023 by Theodore Zimmeri
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