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Who Is Your Marketing For?

All of your marketing must have a target.

Too many marketers start their journey by doing what everyone else does. They believe that the commercials on TV and the billboards they see while driving on the freeway are effective. 

Usually, they’re not. 

Those ads are created and distributed by people who are still playing an old, worn-out game. They think that “getting their name out there” and “brand recognition” are important. 

In the world of direct-response marketing, that stuff is garbage.

The only thing that’s important is inspiring another person to take the action you want them to take using words, pictures and video.

If someone looks at your content, yet fails to take action, the content has failed. This applies to every single thing you do as a direct marketer.

Your main goal is to identify those who need your product or service, put a response device in front of them, and get the prospect’s permission to interact with them in the future.

After that, you’ll engage with them daily using email, the most effective form of online marketing there is. At least it is for now.

How do you find your ideal customer?

First, you have to know what your ideal customer’s pressing needs are. Do they need more leads for their business? Are they having trouble losing weight? Does their dog bark all night?

Whatever it is, you’ve got the solution for them. 

Once you’ve identified the people that have the problem that your product can fix, you can go looking for them. Where do they hang out online? Facebook, YouTube or Snapchat? Are they in specific forums? Do they read certain books?

When you discover the favorite hangouts of your ideal customers, it’s simply a matter of getting your message in front of them using the options available in that platform.

Let me be perfectly clear on this…

You don’t need a huge number of prospects to make all the money you could ever want. Your mission is to find enough people who have the problem that you can solve, and engage them in the process of using your solution to their problem.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve got, somebody somewhere is interested in it. Your market is online somewhere, and usually, they’re everywhere.

It’s a bad idea to get hung up on the concept that you’ve got to be everywhere. You don’t. Most top marketers start out on one platform, and after they’ve figured that one out, they move on to another one. 

Concentrate your efforts in one area. You’ll be far ahead of all the other marketers who get bogged down trying to learn everything all at once.

Use your knowledge of your ideal customer and where they are online in order to target them effectively. Then keep reaching out to them until you find out what works. That’s the only way you’ll ever serve them effectively enough to build your business.

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This article was published on 30.01.2017 by Dave Kotecki
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