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Why not join the Makeup Eraser , a great opportunity

Hi ! I am with the Makeup Eraser, a company that is only 2 1/2 yrs old and growing quickly. Their revolutionary product The Makeup Eraser is 100% polyester blend cloth that is 100% chemical free and will last up to 1000 washes!  You use only warm water and in circular motions, remove all your makeup.  One side will remove your makeup and on the other side the fibers are "longer" so you use it as an exfoliator, wipe your face , helps open up your pores and cleans your face. If you have oily skin and acne problems, this surely will help. Use little sections of it so about every 4-5 days, throw it in with your wash and it can last for a long time. So why not save money on all those chemical base makeup remover products and wipes that you have to buy every few months and just use 1 Makeup Eraser and water to do the job.  We also carry Amplilash fiber mascara kits, made right here in the US and they will lengthen your lashes by 500% and also why not try a toxic free, organic skin care line while you are at it. If you wear makeup and/or love it, then this may be the perfect job for you, can work it as much as you like. Looking to make more income for bills, want to go out to dinner more often ? , not have to worry about your children's college fund or just simply be your own boss and be home with your children more often.  There is hardly any competition, most havent heard of the product or have one and love it! There are several ways to make money, great compensation plan and incentives and everyone is VERY supportive - we all want to succeed and have more freedom. You can join as a free affiliate and have a free website, talk about the products ,send your customers your site and make commission. If you want to make money in even more ways, then you can join as a distributor, pick a kit that suits you, choices starting at only $24.97 and can make money selling products directly to customers, online from your website, go to businesses and sign them up as resellers or even do fundraisers. So there is quite a bit of potential with this company, all depending on how bad you want it! You can see all the products and opportunity by going to my site Please email me any questions you may have. Thank you
This article was published on 11.06.2016 by Carol Altermatt
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