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Let me explain, if you’re hear listening to me today its because your interested in knowing more because Im sure you’re wondering how this all works… All you have to do it think… for instance.. I brush my teeth everyday, I wash my face everyday. I want to live a more happier healthier lifestyle and all I have to do is think of who do I know that wants to live the very same way! If you can invite a few friends to change their toothpaste, change their soap, lose weight, clear their skin, sleep better, take vitamins; you too can create passive residual income by helping others and at the same time helping yourself.

Now lets talk about the 5 ways we get paid

1. retail commission; imagine you drive traffic to your site, from your instagram, Facebook, tiktok, twitter and TLC is going to ship the product to your customer and you get a 50% retail commission. SO everyday that you sell a product you can get paid the very next day with daily pay! This means you don’t have to wait a week for your check to come, it comes to you daily with each sale! Now I’m the type of person that wants to help everyone feel better and help them make money, which brings me to the next way of pay which is

2. Fast start commissions! Which is completely optional! Say it with me class, optional! Now since you have now become a believer of the products and your are now knowledgeable of the products, you can now build a team and start coaching! A fast start commission is earned every time you bring someone into your organization as a life changer, this can be a friend, a co-worker, a classmate, the mailman, your pastor, your instagram and Facebook friends… every person that decides to join you in business picks a starter package to become a independent distributor and when that happens you’re going to earn a 50% bonus off of whatever they buy. Now, Im sure you’ve heard of residual income and maybe you thought it was only for actors or athletes but with this company your can earn residual income which leads me to the 3rd way of pay which is called

3. Binary pay. Let me ask you this, do you know two people who want to live a healthier lifestyle? Do you know two people that want to lose weight? Do you know two people that like you? If you answered yes to any one of those questions then guess what? All you have to do is put one person on your outer left leg and one on your outer right leg and begin to duplicate that very same process over and over again and boom, you have created a very strong passive residual income that allows you to earn up to 20,000 dollars a week! Now the 4th way of pay is the

4. Check Match. Look at this way of pay as getting a bonus from the company for training and coaching your business partners! Our check match is based off a %50 percentile, for example, every person that you help create a passive residual income you get up to a 50% check match FROM THE COMPANY. So if that person brings in $1000 a week, because you recruited them you will then get a bonus of 500 for the week! The company is paying you for duplicating yourself. And this can be duplicated for as many people that are in your organization. But not just to the people that you personally enrolled but to the people that your business partners personally enrolled as well and all you did was help your friend, sister, co-worker, classmate. I like to call this the principle of serve and earn. And become you served Total Life changes, also known as TLC wants to show you love and gratitude for your services which leads me to the 5th way of pay which is the

5. Life Style Bonus. Now in this company as you progress you will reach different ranks and when you reach the rank of National you then get what we call a lifestyle bonus. Which is a $1500 lifestyle bonus from the company!

This article was published on 02.03.2021 by Victoria D Walker
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Total Life Changes - HEALTH/WELLNESS/BODY, 49 USD to join

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