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I am a mom of two children, a wife, and an entrepreneur. I have been a holistic healer for just over 15 years. The fourth generation of healers in my family. I tried the corporate world, for a few years then I got pregnant and went on maternity leave and couldn't leave my babies to return to work so I searched for a home business. I was at a point where I was gonna give up. 

The boys kept me so busy and I was so tired and stressed all the time, I did't know how I would manage a business at the same time, but my mind health seemed to worsen so I took a break from searching and focused on me and my children. I seeked help of an Emotion Code Practitioner that was helping my youngest (I didn't have a good pregnancy with him and raising another baby as I was pregnant was "tough") A few sessions in, I said if I don't get better, how will he, so I booked my own appointment. 

After I told Naura all my symptoms, she suggested I try this supplement that is part of a network marketing company. Oh no, another multivitamin, in my family we were never strong believers in multivitamins because  we tried many. We always took what we needed separately, but I was at a point where even 800mg of magnesium wasn't doing anything, so I tried Empowerplus Q96. I said why not, I was at my wits end anyway. 

So I ordered Q96 and started taking it. by day 3, I noticed I wasn't so tired waking up and I could actually feel I was "happy" inside. I figured it was just in my head, but then I noticed by the 8th day that the white spots on my nails started to disappear, then my hair stopped falling out in handfuls by 2 and half weeks, then by the third week the cloud that was hovering above my head went away, I had energy to keep up with my boys and I felt better then I ever have or at least that I could recall, two months in my "baby brain" disappeared and well moms know, sometimes it takes 6 months to a year and most times it doesn't go away... My mom came back from her trip after a month and she noticed the huge change in me. So we both decided we had to share this product with everyone and bring happiness to the lives of many.

At Q Sciences our products purify, optimize and protect both mind and body. The product line addresses each major aspect of health, from brain function and proper nutrition to energy, adequate sleep and exercise. I have been with Q Sciences for almost 6 months. I love it. I eagerly share with everyone my experience and ask all to try the product or any products they wish so they can feel the difference. I never believed it myself until I tried it. I love my team that I've built and we continue everyday searching for more people that will share the power of health and be part of this super fast growing company. When I got started I had to get the business pack because I knew I had to share the products right away. You really don't know until you try. 

I am proud and honoured to be a part of this incredible company. I wish I had found it sooner, but I am glad it found me. I invite you to contact me for more information and to please visit my website for more infomation. 

You can also check out my blog if you'd like at I look forward to hearing from you and maybe work with you one day.

With much gratitude,

Anna Junker

Q Sciences IBO

This article was published on 29.09.2015 by Anna Junker
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