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I am officially and publicly promoting a business with reliable products, high quality infrastructure and above all, most importantly, a legally sound constitution.

"Success is dependent on effort"- Sophocles

For Retailers & "Opportunities" in a global business setting

Know the difference between price and value 

Know the difference between professionals and rogues

Know how the LBMA "chain of integrity works"


Wealth always has a purpose - for better or for worse.

One can use it for education, healthcare, social development, charitable missions, and general improvement in the quality of life.

Or one can simply bury it, militarise with it, hoard it, deprive the masses of it.

However, not all types of money can survive through the centuries.

The only money that survives must have intrinsic value, regardless of political change and economic trends

True money, must remain valuable, regardless of technology, fashion, governance, ebb and flow of civilisation.

Gold - Money of the Kings indeed.

1 ounce of Silver buys 3 months worth of food in Venezuela

3 months is a very, very long time in politics as well as marketing, especially if you are bleeding fees and autoships

Venezuela may have the most successful beauty pageant contestants in the world but if policy makers keep blundering and "leaders" keep misleading there is no beauty in seeing a nation in this state.

The only shiny objects worth chasing are the shiny objects that hold value, fit in your palm and are available to you today!

This company offers the best prices on the market for customers and an amazing compensation plan for affiliates who in turn get to save in precious metals on a monthly basis.

Why pay 60% over spot when you can pay just 2.97% for much better 999.9 fine, 24K, LBMA “Kinebar” gold from Swiss Argor Heraeus?

Accumulate, not speculate

Swap strength for weakness

Swap proven track record with historical disappointment

You don't "buy" gold, you sell paper for metal



I started purchasing gold and silver & I can help you do the same.

Interested? Join us using the link below:

Solid business supported by Bob Proctor and Jim Rickads

For more information check out this video:

Younique is the parent company of Swiss Gold Global, not to be confused with the beauty company!

Connect with me on


or Skype  transfreality@gmail.com_1

This article was published on 22.09.2016 by Gabriela Vasiloni
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