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My wife and I should both be retired by now but we're not and don't want to retire because we're having too much fun. What we've both learned through the years that it's ALL about the 6 inches between your ears. It's simply how you look at things and what conclusions you make that determine your future. Is your thinking based upon your past or your future. Your past has nothing to do with your future unless you let it.

Because of my past experience in the corporate world (see below) I’m now discovering more than ever people are being told they’re overqualified when in actuality they’re too old. Of course they can’t say that because of obvious discrimination. But what they’re really saying is they can hire someone younger and pay them less money.

I’m a former CEO of a major company and then owned my own consulting business. Over 15 years ago I made the decision that even though I was making that multiple 6 figure income, I was not happy. I had a beautiful piece of property on Lake Conroe and a wonderful wife and I was never there to enjoy both. I had to find a way to stay home. Then I discovered this business opportunity built around the booming personal development industry. We moved from that property on Lake Conroe to California for 5 years and now to Maui for the past 7 years. Living our dream. 

Now I am a true student of personal development. I’m 70 years young and have been studying personal development for over 15 years. 

It’s a beautiful thing. I’m still on my journey of discovering myself and assisting people to wake-up and discover their magnificent selves doing it all living on Maui and traveling the world with my wonderful wife Arni.

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This article was published on 21.01.2020 by Arni & Michael Berry
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