Eliminating the need for nitch marketing

Not everybody wants a miracle weight loss product, or a great travel deal, but almost everybody wants more money. So what if there was an affilaite program that revolved around people getting paid to convert their paper money, that lost value, into GOLD? Now there is. 

For the first time ever there is an e commerce company that has attached an affiliate program onto gold. This eliminates the need for finding a niche market because no matter what your currency maybe gold holds value better than it. So instead of paying a bank to save pieces of paper and ink that lose value, we can all now get paid to save in the number one commodity that has been gaining value for the past 2,000 years. 

Money is the number one product everybody works for, saves and uses. We have simply forgotten what real money is and have been made to belive that pieces of paper have more value than the worlds most precious metal. Tjere is a reason 1% of the worlds population controls 99% of the worlds wealth, it is because we are all saving in the same fashion. Would you rather pay your bank to protect money that losses value, or get paid to save in gold?

Welcome to  Karatbars International, the only e commerce company in the world operating in 120 countries  delivering gold by the gram. This eliminates the niche market because EVERYBODY wants their money protected and saved, and there is no better way to do that but with gold. On top of that this is gold by the gram, instead of by the ounce. Not everybody can afford a 1,400 dollar ounce of gold, but when you break it down to a gram it becomes more affordable to EVERYBODY. 

99% of people pay a bank tomsave them a piece of paper that doesnt hold value and then think they are coming ahead when they get rewarded with an interest rate that doesnt overcome inflation. STOP paying the banks to save you paper and ink that cant preserve your wealth and star getting paid to save in gold. For more information CLICK HERE and sign up to watch a FREE video presentation. Learn the truth about money and how to get paid properly preserving your wealth.  REGISTER FOR A FREE AFFILIATE ACCOUNT TODAY FOR FREE AND START GETTING PAID TO CONVERT YOUR DOLLARS INTO GOLD. 

This article was published on 25.10.2016 by Chris Saunders
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Karatbars International - Gold bullion, Free to join

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