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Join this very powerful bitcoin donations program from USA and turn your one time payment of *�$30* �into *�$100,000*� in *166 days (5 months)* in this ‼*SINGLE LEG OPPORTUNITY ‼*. Single Leg meaning, the next person that joins after you falls under you globally.

Earn �% your first 10 days...


1. Load your bitcoin wallet with at least $33 and then go to my link at ( https://happyglobaldonations.org/signup/?r=Nitaa

2. Fill your details and make payment of the $30 to that wallet address. Ensure that the sponsor username: ( *your username* )

3. Log in and ensure that you are active at the dashboard.


- Min withdrawal is $10

You will be added to whatsapp group for you to learn more.

*Full pay-plan showing earnings per level is shown at our website*


*-Referral Bonus:*

*-Level 1 �10%*

*-Level 2 �5%*

*-Level 3 �3%*

*-Level 4 �2%*

*-Level 5 �1%*

*-Level 6 �1%*

*-Level 7 �0.5%*

*-Matching Bonus: $2000 is paid to you when your referral cycles out*

*This plan is programmed to earn you $100,000 by the 166th day*

You will be added to our whatsapp group after your donation of the $30 to learn more. Meet you at the top. Sign up here below: 

For more information feel free to contact me. Am more than willing to assist you out...

*Follow this link to join


*Those who don't want to recruit:-*

-Come in with $120

-Register your main account using your sponsor's link then the 3 accounts let your main account sponsor, 

-You will be at level 4 in terms of direct sponsor required,

-Your main will earn money for level 1-4 which is 10,20,40,80 + 7.5 for refferal = $157.5

Are we together upto there?

-At hand now you have $157.5

- Initial capital $120

- Profit of $37.5

- Take $30 sponsor another account under your main cos you are required at every stage to refer one person then get paid $150. You'll now have $157.5

Next level do the same from $157.5 remove $30 sponsor yourself to earn go home with $200. You will now have made a total of $327.5 at this level.

The next level sponsor again another account from your earnings and go home with $500.

 Continue with this trendas you go deeper in payments

Make sure every stage finds you with the required directs

You only need 18 directs to reach the highest rank of getting paid $30000

Cumulatively, if you count from 10$ to the $30000 you would have been paid a total of $100000

The other payment is matching bonus Once you reach the highest level you circle out, you start again

In the case of coming in with $120 remember your main account is the only active account for all these bonuses, the 17 accounts under you shall only earn if you begin referring as you did with your main account.

The advantage is they shall keep on accumulating number of spillovers if in future you decide to work with them.

Should you decide to work on them, for every account that cycles at level 18, the company will pay your main account $2,000

This article was published on 07.08.2019 by Aaning Evong
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