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This is a example of an article on our blog , write by a Mlm Leader and who brings to him more than 524 qualify Leads on his website, Emailing list and to his opportunity business. 

" Self motivation for Mlm Business, June 20, 2016, By Mlm Passion

There are moments in life or was particularly hard to motivate yourself to work on your mlm business : the return of summer vacation, the arrival of winter, the routine ... .What we have tasks to perform or simply goals, motivation is not always the appointment. Enthusiasm, passion is difficult to hold long term. Some days the tasks seem insurmountable and we need help to be motivated.

There are two types of motivation for MLM Company: - Intrinsic motivation (which comes from within): the action is motivated by the interest and pleasure, in the absence of external contingencies.

- Extrinsic motivation (which comes from the outside): the action is motivated by external factors such as reward, salary, pressure, approval, fear, blame ....

In the workplace, the salary is a significant extrinsic motivation. But even when our work we like, we sometimes make or boring grunt work.

Self-motivation techniques can be very useful.

If boring tasks, for example, you can launch personal challenges, such as working better and better in a short time and beat your own records while maintaining a high level of accuracy. You push yourself and improve yourself, that will not fail to notice your hierarchy.

Make your "to do list": make a list of all your tasks, then work on each item by deleting the task from your list once performed.

Subdivide your unpleasant tasks into small units of manageable tasks, with time limits (time range of 15 to 20 minutes for example). Apply small steps technique.

 Get rid of all distractions that could keep you away from your goal if this step is normally required to focus on an activity, it is even more essential in the form of down time. 

Reward yourself: each task completed, make a small pause, drink a good coffee or give yourself a bigger reward for a substantial task.

Avoid procrastination (tendency to return to action later): ask someone to watch you in case you'd be caught in procrastination offense (principle of peer pressure).

Keep in mind the negative consequences if you do not perform these tasks: often the unpleasant vision of the consequences of non task done is greater than the inconvenience of doing the task itself.

Keep in mind the ultimate goal if it is to realize a project, having in mind your goal will help you stay focused to achieve your goal.

Surround yourself with dynamic people, motivated and positive, rather than pessimists and idlers.

Get used to finish what you started. 

Practice mindfulness: the focus on the present moment in a spirit of attention and discernment, allows an unconditional acceptance of the current situation. " 

Let us know if you are interesting and if you have any question.

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Lead Officer, Top Mlm Connection

This article was published on 21.06.2016 by Mlm Connexion
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