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How secure is your Bitcoin Mine?

 Who are we and why you should care?

We are part of the Better Lifestyle Group, founded by David Martin in 2008

The company is Debt free and Privately Funded

We are one of the biggest Bitcoin mines( NOT CLOUD MINING) and we are currently mining 4-10% of the world's total of bitcoins.

Problem with CLOUD MINING is: RISK is very high!

-The Security of the operation is not known, therefore you don't know if the company  is susceptible for hacking. You are always hoping,praying that the site will be accessible when you log in the following day.

-The owners are unknown or they hide behind fake identities..

-Usually it is small companies that are not competitive and they use your funds to pay for their overheads and running costs, causing very low returns

-Most of the time they are unscrupulous companies with a  fly by night modes operandi

We are the safest Bitcoin mine in the world..

Why do I say it? Because the owner is the developer of the biggest security software product currently used in banks

Our team leaders personally met the owners

We make bitcoin mining accessible for the man on the street  by getting a mining contract starting from $500 ( buying your own hardware)

Mining contracts of $500, $1000, $2000, $2500, $5000, $10 000 available

Contracts are available for BITCOINS and ETHERIUM mining 

Dragon mine is very lucrative with their rewards - paying out DAILY up to 10% per month

If you are a network marketer the rewards are even greater with the binary system

Open to the following countries:


/Thailand/Brazil/Portugal/USA and Canada opening soon

Two ways of joining this GREAT OPPORTUNITY

1- Become a distributor and build an international team, earning commissions on the binary system and earn on your personal contract

2- Become a miner, where you buy your mining contract and start earning your bitcoins on a daily basis

You can buy multiple contracts for ETHERIUM and BITCOIN mining

By joining our team you will have access to a Facebook group with detailed videos helping with setup and a support systems where all your questions be answered - ideal for beginners

As a network builder (distributor) you will gain access to specialized training at a further cost of $30/month to help you fast track and explode your international business

We are team that are there for one another and that bring hope and opportunities to the average man on the street to make a difference to his financial situation and change the destiny of the generation to come

Watch this presentation and start changing your future

This article was published on 27.05.2016 by Carla Cronje
Member comments:

Scholastica Nkume Most people join cloud mininig programs because that is what they can afford to invest in.Anyone who can afford $500 should invest in this business because it is going to yield long term profits.Nice article,wish I can afford the minimum investment.  7 years ago
Jose Julius Thank you for the post, very helpful.  7 years ago

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