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Isn't that a great scene, the family relaxing on the beach enjoying their vacation. Most of us want that or something similar but, due to time constraints or lack of money, we just don't get to. A lot of families work two jobs just to "keep their heads above water", let alone take a vacation.

I want to show you a way by which you will have both the Financial Freedom and Time Freedom to enjoy your life and at the same time provide a legacy for your family for years to come. The vehicle that is going to provide this freedom is an online business called ONPASSIVE

Let me get this out of the way right up front; If you are looking for a quick buck, stop right here and have a good day. If you do not have the patience to spend 30 to 60 minutes learning about a life-changing opportunity, stop right here and have a good day. I am going to attempt to give you enough information so at the end of this page you will be able to make an informed decision about ONPASSIVE.

The Cost - The cost of a Founder position before Soft Launch is $97 - one time. During the Soft Launch it will increase somewhat. This One Time Payment will place you in the Company Pay Structure based on the Date and Time you join. After Public Launch - There will be a Monthy Subscription Fee yet to be determined, but it will be very affordable. Please don't let this scare you. You will pay One Time out of pocket and thereafter out of profit. For you skeptics, there is a 100%, No Time Limit, Money Back Guarantee.

The Products - There are, or soon will be, about 50 products that will make up what is called the ONPASSIVE Total Business Solution. These are software modules that any individual, business or government needs to run their everyday brick and mortar or internet based business.  As I stated earlier they have all been written "from scratch", are Proprietary to ONPASSIVE and most are in the process of being Patented.  They incorporate AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) putting them years ahead  of similar products currently available. They are Integrated with other modules where appropriate. As an example, the Communications Suite is integrated with the Staff Management package allowing the HR personnel to communicate with a single employee or the whole staff. Each module is Unlimited in its use. An example is the Bulk Emailing module. If you have ever done any online marketing you know how expensive it can be to email your offer to prospective clients. With ONPASSIVE'S Mailer Module you can mail to a thousand or a million for one low cost. A better example is the Communications Suite, specifically the Webinar Service. With a product like Zoom you can end up spending thousands a month when you get up to 10,000 or so attendees. With the ONPASSIVE Webinar Service you may have a million attendees for one Low Price. And here's a Neat Thing about the Webinar and Academy products and any other product where you are in contact with another person; All Attendees or Clients have to give their name and email the first time they attend one of  the services. They are then given a 7 Day Free Trial to use All the products. Any that become customers of ONPASSIVE will be placed in your downline and thereby potentially increase your income. Founders, due to their unique position, will have access to all the products. Access to the products will be from One Location, no need ever to go outside ONPASSIVE.

This article was published on 19.02.2021 by Jacqueline Koebel
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On Passive - Technology, 97 USD to join

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