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Fluz is the newest, most revolutionary cash back app available. We took the standard cash back model in a fresh and distinct direction, and the result is a potent way to earn serious rewards compared to all of the other now obsolete cash back platforms. With our proprietary consumer network, you not only earn from your own purchases, but from the purchases of others as well. Once you start forming a larger number of connections in the app, you can earn a passive income that puts hundreds or even thousands in your pocket every month, just for shopping at the same places you shop at now

What is the Fluz Network?

The Fluz Network is the sum of all the connections that you have either directly or indirectly made since the moment you first downloaded the app. A direct connection is someone you had clear influence over and shared your referral link or code specifically with. An indirect connection is someone who joined your network through the invite code of someone else that was already in your network, or that downloaded the app without any invite code and was placed in your network through auto-fill. The sooner you join the app, the easier it is to get a big network!

How do I earn using Fluz?

You can earn money using Fluz through various methods. Some are active, like making purchases with our partner merchants and getting a percentage of your purchase amount sent back to your digital wallet, or by inviting someone new and having them spend $99.99 through the app (which will currently net you $25 per person). We also have leaderboard competitions and challenges, which can award various prizes including cash. Additionally, there is a passive way to earn with Fluz. When people in your network make purchases, you get a portion of their cash back, and if you were the person that directly invited them, your rewards can be up to 6x larger than if they joined your network through indirect methods.

How much can I earn using Fluz?

The ability to earn significant rewards through Fluz is highly possible! With a full network of 65,534 connections, even if you collected just 10 cents from each person in 1 month, that would be over $6,500 every 4 weeks! However, you don’t need a full network to earn big with Fluz Fluz. We estimate that with just 4,000 people in your network each spending on average of only $100 a month, you could make over $500 in 4 short weeks! Check out our cash back calculator on our homepage and see for yourself. Crucially, the bigger your network, the more you will earn – so start the ball rolling and invite all your friends and family, and when they start inviting your network will grow even larger, meaning exponentially bigger and bigger rewards as time goes on. 

Where do the rewards come from?

The rewards distributed to Fluz members come from our partner retailers. Instead of spending money marketing through traditional means to attract customers, these retailers have agreements with Fluz where if our app users spend money at their stores, they will use their marketing budget to pay cash back as a “thank you” for Fluz’s role in bringing them that customer. We then distribute the cash back to the person making the purchase and the network associated with them. This is 100% sustainable and the rewards will never run out so long as people shop as they normally do through our app.

How much does it cost to use Fluz?

Fluz Fluz is completely 100% free to download and use. We will never charge a fee to sign up. You just download the app, and shop as you already normally do, and watch the money roll in

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This article was published on 08.10.2018 by Eisa Almakrami
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Fluz Fluz - Cashback, Free to join

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