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Greetings from GALAXY MATRIX BUILDER! We are super excited to offer you a FREE SPOT in our new Referral Link Rotator for the Touchstone Success Network program. You can lock in your position and be one of the first to receive the notification to join TSN on launch day 05/15/2020. This will put you near the TOP of the 3X5 Matrix. To pre-register, simply submit the short form at the bottom of our site and you'll be all set to receive launch-day details. Plus, after you register in TSN, you'll get a FREE $50.00 GIFT that could be worth $1,000 yearly! 



When you register in TSN, you'll receive a personal referral link in your back office. You would simply need to copy and paste it in the REFERRAL LINK ROTATOR submission form at the bottom of our site. Your link will then be added to the link rotation absolutely free of charge within 24 hours and will begin receiving an equal share of potential referrals to your TSN 3 X 5 matrix. Everyone that sign up from your link and make their first purchase will earn you a $15.00 commission and you'll earn $3.00 per month from everyone in your 3X5 downline for years to come!  

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Hi, I'm Danny Pollard. You're invited to join Touchstone Success. Our mission is to make people aware of what they can do to grow, thrive and prosper even in these tough times. Everyone from the bottom up has a right to unhindered success. We're looking for teachable people ready to embrace our life-changing success strategy. We have a chance to empower millions with a personal and financial growth strategy everyone can afford and learn to do. To achieve a financially empowered life from the bottom up in these tough times, we must get organized and united in a common attitude, mindset and income opportunity. I've learned that increase is always a product of proper stewardship of what we already have. Do you have a strong desire for more success in life? Are you teachable? Are you willing to invest in upgrading your mindset? If yes, join Touchstone Success.

​ ​Would You Invest $25 a Month for Help Building a better YOU and unlimited residual income that grows as you grow? 

Income in-equality and financial in-security is growing nationwide. 60% living on less than 40K. 80% living check to check. Most can't handle a $400 emergency. Many can't afford health insurance. 42 million are on food stamps. Millions un-employed. Few can miss even one paycheck and still pay all their monthly bills. Can you relate to any of this? How does this make you feel? Would you help solve any of this if you could? Income is a BIG PROBLEM in America. We need a common solution, a simple and affordable way everyone can earn extra income. Don't be apathetic about your financial struggles. Nothing just happens. Mindset and attitude can explain many of the reasons why most struggle and few prosper. Touchstone Success will work for everyone who can get serious about personal growth and building residual income. We help people become aware of what they can do starting today to grow, thrive and prosper. It's amazing what we can accomplish by investing $25 a month in our own personal growth. 

​​​ A subscription to Touchstone Success Monthly Audios will cost you $25 per month. What you learn and put into practice will change your life. In five years, all of our lives will be better, worse or about the same. Those whose lives will be better are those who can learn, unlearn and relearn. When we discover something that can help people grow their minds AND solve their income problems, we should tell them about it. Enrolling 3 or more others into Touchstone Success, who will do the same, can generate a $1,000 to $4,000 monthly income for you. I believe most people would love to earn an extra $1,000 per month if they knew how and had help. The hard part is getting people to slow down long enough to learn how we can make it happen by finding people who want to make it happen. I've found that the keys or secrets to success in life are all hidden in our minds. Those who passionately search within find the answers to living life well.

This article was published on 13.05.2020 by Edward Weary Jr.
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