Rideshare Startup TRYP Launches in Miami, now on to NYC -- entire US Next!

A new rideshare company, TRYP, has successfully beta-launched in Miami, partnered with the Miami Dolphins. Heading next to Orlando, Atlanta, New Orleans, Phoenix, all of Texas and into 40 USA metro areas.  Then on to Central and South America, Europe and Australia.

TRYP is focused on the Driver and Rider, not letting prosperity filter up to top executives and international investors. The money stays in the pockets of the Drivers, for the benefit of their families, and stays in their local communities. That is why Tryp is being embraced by states and cities across the US.

A licensed company approached TRYP, so we are also going into NYC in December where there are 70,000 current rideshare drivers, many of whom will join us. They, as you, can join PT or FT, and keep 100% of their fares and tips, deposited directly into their personal Merchant Account, not controlled by headquarters.

Totally FREE to download the Rider App here, and Riders can earn 30% month after month by referring a Driver. Know any current rideshare drivers? Do you take rideshare rides? They will be receptive to downloading the App at your instigation, rewarding you. And earn $.40 per ride residual income forever by sharing the App:


TYYP even awards Riders with points which can build up into a free ride or a cash withdrawal.

Company stock will be awarded to Drivers, who will eventually own 1/3 of the Company,

20-minute Youtube by four of the Tryp founders, recorded on Halloween evening, telling about the NYC company expansion. This is a future billion-dollar company and the focus is on the Driver and Rider, not headquarters and Wall St. investors:


Download the App from USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, UK, Netherlands, Australia. And ponder being a part of 100K Members so far, but our goal is 10 million. 

TRYP has taken about a year in its development and is working on the very highest IT, correcting and perfecting the operation of its Apps. It's lead IT head actually drove rideshare for 2 months before embarking on the position, in order that he fully understood the challenges of the Driver experience.

You can become a part of this fast-expanding company now, today by downloading the Rider App, locating your company http in your back office, and sharing. A company that is a disrupter of the disrupters. And it is a lot of fun!

Kindest regards, Richard


This article was published on 11.11.2019 by Richard Byquist
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