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   Hello my name is Chad! This Opportunity is for both of us! I would like to grow my 

customer base along with partnering businesses helping you add clients as well! How do I 

plan to achieve this goal? By using Lead Generation software to generate 

accurate lists then having a team of call specialist dig each list converting

cold leads into clients! The joining fee will be used to fund the lead generation  and call 

teams! Each partner will get an equal amount of leads and calls from the

stockpile of leads acquired and used!  To continue to fund this opportunity we may

need to invest accordingly and with strength in numbers drive the customer acquisition cost 

down to a minimal amount! The Software and Call teams used can also be collaborated and 

planned among the members of this partnership  opportunity. Based on a initial investment 

of $150 this should fund the software needed for indefinite lead generation and costs of the

call team(call team prices vary but usually 100 calls costs $40-$150). Multiple seats can be purchased

on the lead generation software(I used a few different products) increasing the lead building/acquisition 

among partners as we build leads together letting our call teams convert each call customizable to your

business/industry! Any investments made in the future will be collaborated and equally split among

members to ensure fairness and equal results for each member! As our team grows we hope to see 

a snowball effect and the ability to acquire customers at a unbeatable price and offer this as a service

to other businesses if the opportunity is right and agreed upon! We are beyond excited about working with

 fellow entrepreneurs/businesses and forming a team of efficient and successful businesses owners! We

also look forward to new Opportunities and Services that this partnership will bring!

 Pathway Foundations(My company) is a newly formed marketing agency. We enjoy working with other businesses and marketing teams to achieve a common goal! Feel free to ask any questions you may have on here or email me @ Pathwayfoundations@yahoo.com. Thanks you for your interest and I look forward to the success and opportunity ahead! www.Pathwayfoundations.com - My Business Website!

This article was published on 14.04.2021 by Chad Petersen
Author's business opportunity:

Pathway Foundations - Lead-Collaboration, 150 USD to join

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