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If you are passionate about your health, passionate about others health, have some interest in anti-aging on the cellular level, want to expand your knowledge on new technologies and products coming into your country, then why not have an open mind and check out what id love to show you!!!!

Have you ever heard of Nutrigenomics? Take a look at this video to find out!!

Personally for me, finding out that the body can make more of its own antioxidants instead of trying to just take antioxidants through food and supplements was a huge eye opener. Its absolutely amazing what the body can do for itself and to heal itself when given the correct tools to do so.

By making more of your own antioxidants through activating the Nrf2 pathway, your bodies ability to reduce oxidative stress (free radical damage, cellular damage) is increased in masses and that then reduces the risk of many diseases and conditions occurring or progressing at a fast rate. It slows the aging process, how amazing is that!!

Oxidative stress is linked to over 200 diseases and conditions including, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, MS, Inflammation, depression, arthritis, allergies, athletic conditions. the list goes on!!!!

this video will explain more!!

Everything I am explaining here including our products are completely backed by science, created by scientists after 40 years of research, independently peer reviewed studies which are on (the national institute of health) and have patents so no one can copy our formula on the products!!

Our company didn't start as a Network marketing company, but after a few years decided it was the best industry to share what we have and get the word out there to our loved ones on the medical breakthrough that we have.

Most of us know someone with some sort of condition or disease and even struggle ourselves with our health in some way, these products have changed my life and given me an abundance of better quality of sleep, energy, better muscle recover after exercise, and many more benefits, which are all important to me with a young family and lifestyle that needs me to be my best all the time.

I'm so passionate about sharing what we have our hands on and would love to find others who have the same passion for this as well. Do your research, you wont be disappointed!!!
This article was published on 12.06.2016 by Janelle James
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