Crypto market grows rapidly every year. Everyday volume on all crypto markets and exchanges reaches more than 10 billion USD. This is one of the fastest growing markets in the world with many life changing opportunities.CTFYbot is trading platform wich has security in the first place. The platform started with trading back in 2018. In May 2019. private investores joined in prelaunch phase. After more than one year of testing the official launch was on 26. October 2019.  Since than many new investors joined the platform and earn passive income every week. Investment in Bitcoin straight from your wallet to trading platform. Payouts straight from your office to your Bitcoin wallet. But the first thing everyone has to do is to register and open an office in Telegram application.  The office is made in 14 languages When you register and set up your office it is simple.The company pays 4,9% weekly on initial investment for 18 months. Payout every week on Friday morning CET. Every member  can withdraw or reinvest. If we reinvest than we have compound interest. Everyone decides on his/her own wether to withdraw or reinvest. Investments are active for seven days. The last day to invest is Thursday and investment is active on Friday. Minimum withdrawal is 50$ and minimum reinvest is 100$. Everyone should take this in consideration before making initial investment. For example if someone invests 510$ it takes 2weeks to make first withdrawal and 4 weeks to reinvest. Aditional investment is allowed at any time. Minimum investment is 100$. Maximum investment is 50.000$. This is real business from home that allows everyone to earn passive income with minimum effort and afordable investment.

For all experienced members there is affiliate opportunity wich is very motivating.  It is organised in Unilevel Marketing wich gives us opportunity to earn infinite from all team members. Whenever new team member registers we get commission. Whenever any of the members in our team reinvests we get commission too. The commission depends on career level we reached. As our team grows our weekly or monthly income grows too. Our traders are very experienced and work hard every day to meet goals set by company and to make the profit for all of us.

This is registration link:  t.me/CTFYBot?start=735889588

Click on Start, choose your language, type in message field your phone number +00…… and send it, click on blue link for News chanel and click Join. Your office is set. Click on the square with 4 dots inside, next to the field where you write messages, to open your office. Click Invest, write the amount in USD and pay with BTC

This is my WhatsUp number +385995252319. I can send you a promotional video and pictures of the backoffice. Please message me via WhatsUp to get help and more information.   Mail me at dava369@yahoo.com

Join our team and start earning passively.

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This article was published on 11.01.2020 by Davor Lucic
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