We are now #1 in the Network Marketing industry but only in the beggining!

Most companies have their own line of products or products in just a handfull niches...

Lyconet has taken network marketing to a new level!

The next generation of network marketing of being able to give away a free service to people that helps them save on everything they need. In return we earn on everything...

This has made us now run past all the other companies to being the biggest, our Elite Seminar that was held I June was attended by 65 000 marketers from all over the world.

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People are flooding in and rightly so as we have probably the best business idea out there and a boost program which makes It possible to only have 16 people in your lifeline and you have at least an income of $300/monthly... the true passive income.

This has gotten us a Tripple A rating from Business From Home, a quote from them says "Business For Home recommends Lyconet. There is high certainty that the net benefit is substantial for a (new) representative. "

Some of you...

May have been working for a long time selling products as an affiliate or network marketer and just don’t get that breakthrough.

Others may be stuck in employment and just wanna get out, because you don’t feel fulfilled and are living paycheck to paycheck.

Or maybe students looking for a way to earn while you study.

We all have our whys, different lives and circumstances we wanna change. So that we and others around us can have a financially secure life. Without having to be that person running around annoying your friends and family begging them to buy products they wouldn’t need anyway.

Instead helping people and earning passively in the process!

Free Webinar - Reach a passive income of $3000/monthly in 4 months without selling anything


What does all these three companies to the left have in- common?

UBER, AIRBNB and Booking.com

They are all working with customer acquisition.

Whats that?

They all focus on connecting customers to their taxi drivers, hotel-partners and flight companies.

They don’t own any taxis, estates or planes.

Every time a customer uses their system to shop, these three companies take a percentage of that sale!

Their service for the customers are free and they are not selling any products, but they don’t earn on EVERYTHING. They only earn on their separate branch.

There is still a great deal of income that can be generated, but you are then depending on that people need the services or products in that branch often.


If you wanna EARN on EVERYTHING and not SELL ANYTHING you need to build a system that provides access to all branches and free for customers.

That helps them save money on everything!

There are systems like this already out on the market and growing fast, so either you can do it the hard way and spend years trying to create this kind of system and probably be too late.

Or you do it the smart and easier way and find a company doing it and start working with them as a network marketer and create your passive income that makes you financially free. With no sealing on what you can earn.

So stop selling products and instead give something free that helps you earn on everything. And do the job ones and earn on it forever!

Thats truly the way to passive income!

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Best Regards,

Simon Norling

Premium Marketer


This article was published on 30.10.2019 by Simon Norling
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Lyconet - Earn On Everything, Free to join

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