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Choosing the right doTERRA kits shouldn't be so difficult!

There are of course a great benefit to anyone purchasing one of the many doTERRA enrollment kits before becoming a wellness advocate or wholesale customer, but what are they?

Firstly, the question of what type of doTERRA starter kits are available and what type you are interested in really comes down to a few defining factors. To read more about doTERRA enrollment kits, click on the link below:


Such as:

  1. Are you joining doTERRA for the products or as a business opportunity? An unusual situation for doTERRA is that the majority of the doTERRA membership are retail customers or wholesale customers. In fact as little as 7% of the people that join doTERRA take the business seriously. So, if you simply want to buy some doTERRA products at the wholesale price then join as a wholesale customer. However, if the business option is for you, become a wellness advocate.
  2. What are the benefits of purchasing one of the doTERRA enrollment options regardless if I want to become a wholesale customer or a wellness advocate? Each kit is different in size and price, but the main benefit is the price value you are getting. In most cases you will get between 35-40% off the individual prices of the oils. In addition, the enrollment fee is waived and you will receive product points towards free products.
  3. What are the best doTERRA kits for a wholesale customer? Well, of course one important factor will be what someone can afford, but let's say that is not an issue. I would suggest purchasing the lower to mid range dōTERRA enrollment kits. The means doTERRA kits such as: Simple Solutions Enrollment Kit at $140 or Healthy Habits Enrollment Kit at $260.
  4. What is the best kit for a wellness advocate? If you are serious about running doTERRA as a business, understand from the start that some investment is needed. So, purchasing the basic kit is an option, but I believe you are chancing fate and not believing in yourself enough to say I will be successful in my new business. So, purchase the biggest kit you can afford and while you are at it purchase the highly acclaimed eBook by Steven Jackson called "Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing" on Payhip. The biggest kit doTERRA has available in the US is Natural Solutions Enrollment Kit at $646.67 and the eBook is $9.99 which means a total investment of $656.66. Compared to starting a traditional business that would cost anything from $10000 upwards it's a steal.

doTERRA kits

How to stop buying the wrong doTERRA enrollment kits for you?

If I had heard this once I would have heard it a thousand times. I joined doTERRA and found out later I would have got lots of much of my purchase if I had taken the doTERRA membership kits.

So, if you are looking to become a doTERRA member regardless if you are joining as a wellness advocate or wholesale customer, start with one of the many doTERRA enrollment kits and don't miss out on a great deal.

If you would like to read more about joining my team and learning more about the doTERRA kits click on the link below and read the full article.


This article was published on 04.11.2021 by Steven Jackson
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doTERRA - Essential oils, 35 USD to join

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