The Dumb Little System (DLS)

The Dumb Little System (DLS) is a Very simple Income Funnel and it is free with just 5 minutes Setup time... 

 If you are really serious and want to make money ongoing online and partly on Auto Pilot, then all you have to do is to grab a copy of the little Dumb System, which is a fully duplicable funnel and full monetized with high converting click back products. The DLS will set you up for unlimited $10 to $90 direct commissions deposited into your Click bank account ongoing, easy and partially on autopilot.

This funnel is called the Dumb Little System because it's so stupidly simple that even Grandmas who barely know how to use Facebook can achieve great success with it. This Dumb Little System is set to help more affiliates make sales more than any other internet marketing related System you can think about. It is easy, it is simple, it is duplicable and it works. Making money online is all about what works and duplicable. This ensure that every one serious about succeeding, succeeds. 

Talking about Funnels, you can toss the dice and take your chances elsewhere, but I think you know it makes sense, works and duplicable. This you can be confident to share with anyone because you know they will succeed with it and when they do, you succeed even more. The DLS in short is easily the most newbie friendly affiliate income builder to date. I'm in love with it seriously.

The DLS is pure genius. The way the big guys get rich online is that most of them create their own products and then get hundreds of affiliates to start sending traffic and making sales for them. The problem for the average guy like you and me is that creating a product is usually very expensive, extremely time-consuming and also requires a great deal of experience. The DLS solves this problem in a revolutionary way by turning your own referrals into your own affiliates by automatically hard coding your affiliate link into their funnel, making you quasi a product owner yourself and putting you in the hot seat to make commissions on 100% autopilot from their traffic and sales. In actual fact, they're (your referrals – now your affiliates) are sending you unlimited potential sales as they take action with their own funnels making sales. Of course the first offer in their funnel will always be hard coded with their own affiliate link meaning they'll make direct commissions on that offer, but the second offer in their funnel is hard coded with your affiliate link at all times meaning you make the Commission every single time somebody grabs that high converting second offer in their funnel. Since this process is fully duplicable, this means your referrals will have the same HUGE incentive like you do to take action with their own DLS funnel. More incentive means more potential commissions on true autopilot for you through the funnels of your referrals.

So how many people can you refer to the DLS? Do you have a list? Now you have to change the way you have been looking at your list. If you have been view the people you have on your list as mere subscribers, start looking at them as your own affiliates, because they will constitute so to say a sales force for you. Even if you were able to just have 10 affiliates make a $10 commission each for you a day, that's $100 a day on autopilot without you doing any extra work. Can you see the genius here finally? You can leverage the power of the DLS funnel by having an unlimited

Number of affiliate making sales for you 24/7 without having to spend thousands of dollars or dozens of hours to create your own product.

The DLS is fully monetized with and true auto pilot commissions from $10 to $90 which you can

activate and start getting $10 to $90 commissions funneled straight into your Click bank account every time a person goes through your duplicated DLS funnel and orders products. This happens 100% autopilot which is actually super cool because you can literally be on vacation, sleeping, watching your favorite movie or doing whatever and still making money online.

Imagine you wake up spend a few minutes scheduling some traffic to be sent to your DLS site, and that is all you will ever have to do to be getting all the commissions! You never created any products, no headaches with hosting, customer supports etc, etc. The DLS truly a no brainer and a fast track to making quick communions online headache free. Now you have the chance to have your hands on the system, which will not cost you a Dime, except to activate the various Commotions streams built into it.

The biggest question now is if you would take action? The system works, period. If you really want to succeed online, this is one of the simplest systems to jump on to and you can take it to anywhere and remain confident that it will never fail you, or any other people you chose to share with, as long as they take the right action. This is exactly how you Duplicate Online Success and if you want your subscribes to achieve same level or even more success, take action now.

And what is the right action to take?

1. Get the DLS Funnel, it is 100% free and take just 5 minutes to set up

2. Activate all the monetized commission streams within the funnel

3. Share your funnel with your list (affiliates) to help them succeed too.

4. Send traffic to your funnel daily.

I love the DLS Funnel.

Hopefully you will love it too. If you do, do not hesitate to share, share and share.

Thank you, Pete Ade

This article was published on 08.06.2016 by Pete Ade
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