Breaking News BITCOIN AND THIER WALLETS ARE NOW LIBERATED. Calling all persons who have crypto wallets sitting around waiting for a cattle call. This is your call. How much do you know about cryptocurrencies? Even if you know very little this could be the time to easily and naturally get a wallet in order to participate in this Pre-launch. Already over 15,000 have signed up and about 600 have started contributing. I recently had a dream. In the dream, our financial system collapsed and nobody was able to borrow money to stay afloat. Panic about personal bankruptcy was thick in the atmosphere. Fortunately In this Dream a motivated group of people who had the forsight to get set up with a system that used bitcoin to give to each others causes, goals and needs. The dream played out so that even though the financial world was collapsing around them they were very happy and felt very confident that they would survive no matter what the current Central Bank system was doing. Why? You ask. Well they put themselves into a system that was not based on credit, It was built on giving and sharing and helping each other fullfill thier dreams. They no longer needed good credit. The dream ended all was well as the rest of the world joined this system and averted disaster. Now back to reality. Just Imagine All the People Giving for Today! (and living for today) Imagine an internationally based "cause driven" movement. Imagine a 100% philanthropic movement, empowering people and the whole world. Imagine a peer to peer ecosystem endowed with high passion and motivation to assist people in need. Imagine helping someone by contributing to their cause. Imagine that just by contributing to their cause, and sharing your story that you then expose yourself to recieve contributions exceeding any expectations. This is a person to person, wallet to wallet crypto solution to worldwide giving. The company does not interfere with your transactions This cryptocurrency ecosystem Is all about sharing and recieving. Its about goals, causes, and needs. ⦁ No Mining ⦁ No Forex ⦁ No Arbitrage ⦁ Just Share Like I said we are in pre-launch. Prior three years before you are reading this, this system was concieved and put together by 3 geniuses. After much deliberation, trial, and error they developed a system that is failsafe and easy, such that your experience will be pleasurable and lucrative. What is pre-launch you ask? Pre-launch is a time of Beta Testing. Beta Testing is the time to make doubly sure that the system will perform as promised. So we are now working out all of the bugs in our beautiful system so that we can make it flow as smoothy as possible. This is the perfect time for you to sign up for free. While signing up do spend time watching the videos and trainings so that you get familiar with what we are all about. After you sign up You, will want to activate or sign up for a cryptocurrency wallet. One that allows you to put money in, and then send and recieve Bitcoin. (we can suggest one if you do not already have one). The most interesting part is getting set up in the system and putting your digital wallet in place. This allows you to experience the ease with which this system will complete its functions. When you are completely set up and are rolling along, you will only have to spend a total of 10 minutes a day, and maybe six days a month. Reading other peoples important causes and you giving to that cause. Then sit back until others have read your cause and given to you. Just realize, as in life, the more you give the more you will get back, and Im sure you will be surprised to what degree. Did we peak your interest? If so we would love to have you on our team. Now go to: and sign up. (do look at the great videos)

I am looking forward to working with you.

Richard McCurdy

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at:  954-993-9318 or e-mail me at:

  I will do my best to get all of your questions answered and will assist you in getting up and running any way I can.

This article was published on 29.12.2019 by Richard Mccurdy
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