Oh, How I wish I had started this earlier!

I love my business! I love getting up in the morning, logging on site, reading and learning, interacting with other members, and helping others. It's what makes SFI so unique. We are all in the business of success, yet will help another at the drop of a hat!  Why? Because we understand that teamwork, team building, and team member success is vital for the growth of all! We understand that each individual is different and while some can work independently at a business, others need a gentle nudge, and yet others need a loving swift boot. :)

Our company gives us free training, free courses, free marketing tools, and so much more that it can be overwhelming at times. There's always reading to complete, but then, "Readers are Leaders", right?  Oh, did I mention our badges of accomplishments?  A nice perk to give all members a sense of pride.

I'm 56 years old and to step into any business, yet alone Network Marketing for the first time at my age, may seem crazy to some, but with SFI, we even have 70 year olds working their businesses and making nice income.  It's a great option for we BabyBoomers. It's truly an amazing story of an amazing company and I am proud to be a part of it. Yet, it's not for everybody which you will soon find out upon joining. 

Our sales platform is our TripleClicks store where not only do we transfer buy great home products, but offer an opportunity for small stores and E-Commerce sites to also join and sell to our thousands of members. Why, SFI members themselves can even become ECAs as an additional avenue of revenue.

SFI members can play games, participate in auctions, answer quizzes, and participate in drawings and contests, also.  By now you may be wondering just exactly what kind of business does such things and how can you make money?  All I can offer is a chance for you to  join my team for free and take a look at it and see for yourself what a unique approach our Founder took to establish this 21 year old business.


Young and old are welcome.

Let's be Team Mates!

Michele Williams

This article was published on 19.04.2016 by Michele Williams
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