It is not news that 2020 will go down in History as a year of many lows. The world was shut down right from the begining of 2020 as COVID-19 started in China late 2019 and continued to spread like wild fire across the globe. International travels came to a halt and still is on a halt even at the time of writing this. Most works with exception of essential works all came to a stop. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months of staying mostly indoors as my job was neither considered essential nor possible to be done virtually. The havoc that COVID-19 did to the world and United States in particular will be a discussion of another time as I do not have enough time or room to give it the attention it deserves.

Suddenly, I found a lot of time on my hand to start looking for a way to improve my life financially as well as something that could replace my decent income and stand test of time like this one. I was beginning to love working at home and hating to back after the pandemic, not talking about being in full control of my life. How about being free from living at the mercy of your boss or at work who can determine weather you have a job next day or not for the rest of your life. It is scary and worst still, I think it is a slave mentality that always encourages us to go to school and get a nice job. What is a nice job? How many people became rich doing a job? What is like making money even when you are sleeping? How about having 24 hours a day like everyone else but because of leverage, may have 24 X the number of your team. I was not too lucky initially that I did not find this business early in the pandemic like February or March, rather I found it in May after many months of searching.

The good news is that I found what I knew was one of the best network businesses I have ever known( and I knew quite a bit).

It was so good and exciting that when I ran into it on the internet, I signed up and started training without anybody selling me anything even though it was my first time of hearing anything about the business and the founder Holton Buggs(Also known as Michael Jordan of network business). He has created over 45 millionaires before now that I believe he will be harvesting millionaires with Ibuumerang. He was also the first person in network business to earn $100M from one organisation in a single year.

I signed up at 3.20 am and went to bed but was too excited to sleep deep. I woke up at 6.30 am for my family morning prayers and by 7 am I am back on my laptop watching every training video at the back office.

When the lady that I signed on her replicated site called me around 12 noon the guy that signed up himself, I was already familiar with the entire back office, to her greatest surprise. As a matter of fact I had my first needed 2 team members on the second day as the lady helped me upgrade so I don't leave any money on the table.

Ladies and gentlemen, the business Ibuumerang has continued to be more exciting each day. It is obvious that this will be as great as Amazon and Uber (if not more) but much faster. Ibuumerang has become the #1 momentum network businesses top 100 in a research carried out by a third party, Businessforhome.org just confirming what I knew already. Just as Amazon used books as their flagship Ibuumerang is using 8 trillion-a-day industry, Travel as their flagship. It uses the best technology and artificial intelligence to change business as usual that has left network businesses with little to no innovations and excitement. In most network businesses, people are paid off of profits which makes most direct sale products very expensive compared with the prices in Amazon and Ebay. In Ibuumerang, we are only paid when customers save money, and we give customers our products for free, Who would not want free products. Our customers save 35%-70% off their travel expenses, hotel accommodations, Cruises, Rental cars etc. We give our customers free Wholesale Travel Websites((Buumerangs). Vibe Ride has also been added to our flagships, unlike Uber our drivers are paid when they are driving and when the are sleeping if they bring other drivers to drive our Vibe Rides, our members are paid when any drivers or riders they introduce to our Vibe ride is paid or when a rider pays for the ride as long as they are driving and as long as they riding our Vibe Rides. We give free Apps to drivers and riders(free products). Can you imagine when you have thousands of customers(which many members already have) who got our free sites and you have hundreds of drivers who you gave free apps(free products)? That is why a one year old company Ibuumerang have people earning in a week what many people cannot earn in a year. We are now in over 188 countries in the world.

For more information, visit our site and feel free to call if you still have questions after watching the short video. http://umustsee.net/DDE9GO

This article was published on 08.06.2020 by William Ugwu
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IBUUMERANG - Free Products, 299.95 USD to join

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