LAVYLITES, energizing cosmetics for body, mind and cell!

Hello, I'm Stefan, 

in March 2017 I got to know an incredible product, LAVYLITES! 

LAVYLITES has changed my life in a very short time!  

I got to know the products at a one-day seminar. The cell and its structure and function were discussed, and water is used as an information carrier. Each cell consists mainly of water, vibrates in its own frequency and the cells communicate with each other!  

As a communications engineer, I am very familiar with frequencies and vibrations. 

Transmitter and receiver! I know that the right frequencies can trigger things in us! These can be negative (environmental influences, electrosmog...) or positive (relaxation, recreation, forest walk). 

So we can influence the frequencies around us with our place of residence. Well, unfortunately we cannot all live in the forest! Therefore it is important that we positively stimulate our frequencies in other ways. 

And this is exactly what LAVYLITES does! 

LAVYLITES ensures that the cells in our body are supplied with a buffet of frequencies. Each cell takes out the frequency that is good for itself and returns to its healthy state! 

The ingredients of the sprays play a subordinate role here. They are the taxi for the information that is sprayed into our own energy field and transported there in seconds to every single cell in our body. And then really incredible things can happen to us! As I said before, LAVYLITES has changed my life. 

My family and I have tested the products and within a very short time we have noticed many good changes. Balance, higher consciousness, high attention, stronger self-confidence, better sleep quality are some of them. I myself have no allergy and no fear of heights any more and the knee bandage which I have worn for 5 years, I have taken off after 3 months and she is almost forgotten in the wardrobe! 

My wife has almost no back pain anymore and our children are much more attentive and capable of learning at school! 

So I started talking about the products and started my business in MLM! 

I've been working in network marketing with my wife for 15 years! In 2017 I decided to change to LAVYLITES and since then I am building up an international network! Launched in Hungary in 2013, LAVYLITES has grown in Eastern Europe and arrived in Germany in 2016. At the beginning of 2018 Switzerland and Dubai were opened and gradually all European countries are added! In July 2019 the pre-registration phase began in Colombia and the next markets we will be open are the USA and India! 

Why should YOU start with a LAVYLITES business even though you are already in a network? 


- supplies you and your body up to cell level, no matter which business you are currently in! 

- offers unique, patented products that can NOT be copied! 

- may also be used by professional athletes to regenerate faster, it contains NO doping substances! (Report is online available) 

- are consumer products with an after-sales rate of approx. 75 %! 

- now is the right time to start, the big markets are still waiting for this amazing products! 

- is a philosophy of life 

In our team are doctors, dentists, veterinarians (also animals have cells), alternative practitioners, cardiologists, surgeons, anesthetists, chiropractors, orthopedists, physiotherapists, housewives and mothers, businessmen and -women, the girl next door, the mechanic, the butcher, esoterics, health advisors and many more!


Thank you for reading this! 

Have I got you interested? 

Then contact me and become part of the most successful team of LAVYLITES! 


Best regards 


This article was published on 22.08.2019 by Stefan Classen
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Lavylites - Health, Cosmetic, Ce, 80 USD to join

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