Will AI Take Your Job. Move Now!

Has our government of, by and for the people sold us out to  an


I would say it has. Based on the definition. An Oligarch is goverment that is

governed by the few. And, in the case of America iwe are now governed by

a minority of corporations. Amazon and Google come to mind. 

There huge profits have given them the finances to buy our 

government officials.

This undemomocratic rule affects us all.

 Today, this Oligarchy that sets the rules. It etermines  who performs the

 necessary labor and its cost.

From the founding of this country until now. The struggle has been over

 the cost of labor. 

In the case of slavery the labor was free and at minimal overhead. The

Civil War interrupted that very profitable idea. Darn it! 

After slavery the fight was between big business and union wages. 

Uniion wages had to compete with the lower cost of immigrant wages, 

Uion wages, minmum wages. Union wages fell labor costs of 3rd 

world countries and Chinese ingenuity.

Today all of these various wages are about to become obsolete!

What is cheaper than slavery, immigrant wages and prison wages?

It is Atrtificial Intelligence, commonly know as AI. 

Do you know that Amazon has a grocery store  that does not require cashiers? 

Have you noticed when you

make a phone call who answers? All Artificial Intelligence at work.

Today, if you are not an essential worker it is likely that your job will be

replaced by AI. 

AI can work 24/7 and does not eat. Can you compete with that?

The best way to protect you and your family is to go Entrepreneurial.

 Start an onlline business. 

You Must reak your addiction for someone else giving your a pay check. 

If others give you a pay check. They can take it away! Right?

I have a profitable online business!

 With an aging population and the poor quality of foood Health

 and Wellness Consultants are sorely needed!

Are you open to making money from home using your cell phone?

In these days of Corona withthe average age of our population is 58

I have discovered Seed Nutrition. This is a new health category!



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Don't sit around waiting to see if you have a job after Corona. 

Get your online business in place. Before AI replace you. After mass

adoption AI is to chealp to compete with!

Your Friend,

Coach Gaymon


P.S. Lets connect. Leavve a comment. 

Corona how needed is that? 

This article was published on 05.02.2021 by Coach Gaymon
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