A long time ago, most of the world's population lived off the land.  People lived in villages or communities that were more or less self sustained.  You had those who farmed the land, those who raised animals for their families and to barter with others in their communities in exchange for things they needed.  A farmer might trade a bushel of potatoes with the neighbor who raised chickens, and he might trade some of his beef with the local smith in order to replace the wheels on his wagon.  The local candlemaker might exchange a set number of candles for eggs or flour from the wheat farmer.  That was part of daily life.  You lived in a community and each person either sold their goods to their neighbor, or they bartered for the needs of their families.

These days, very few of us use these methods, we are all spread out and most of us don't even know our neighbors, much less do any bartering.  We all have busy lives and work in cities or suburbs, and from the moment we wake up to the minute we lay down to sleep, we are kept busy with tasks that takes us away from our communities and the personal interchange of neighbors, families and those living around us.

One thing in our lives is constant, and that is the need to spend money.  We all have to eat, pay bills, put gas in our cars, oil in our burners, buy food and supplies for our pets.  We need clothes for our bodies, and shoes for our feet.  Most of us who work on the outside must have personal care items, whether it's a haircut, hair style for women, make up, nails done to look polished when we go out.  Sometimes we splurge on a date with our families, friends, spouses or loved ones; we go out to see a movie or show, or even go on a well needed vacation.  The gist of this is that it all costs money, and it seems that prices keeps going up, and we still have to spend, maybe even tweak the budget in order to fill the needs in our lives.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if after spending $200.00 on food for the family - teenagers in the house - you could get 20% back on those dollars?  That would make it $160.00 instead of the $200.00 - that's $40.00 in your pocket; what about junior who has been steadily growing every week, and all you see are his ankles - those jeans you bought last month must now either be passed down to his brother, or sent off to your local charity.  Would 20% off on another pair of jeans be wonderful?  Fido needs to be groomed, 20% off again would put some change in your pocket; you need gas in the car - instead of paying $2.00 per gallon, how about just paying $1.60?  The point is:  we all live in a world that takes money out of our pockets, and we don't generally get any of it back.  Once it is spent, it is gone.  

Now, would you be interested in a company that gives you the opportunity to get 20% of all your spending back - up to $240.00 per month?  Putting back up to $3,000.00 per year?  Well, the company I am affiliated with, Saivian, can do just that.  Already hundreds of people in the USA are getting some of our hard earned dollars back in our pockets, and you can too.  Besides all that, once you start getting cash back, of course, you will be telling others about this, and after you've told three people, you can start earning $5.00 per day directly deposited in your bank account - 365 days per year.  It gets better once you have 12 people join - that's $20.00 deposited daily in your account, plus the more people you get, the better you can do, again, deposited directly in your account.  The cost of joining is $125.00 per 28 days, and after three people on your team, you pay $00.00, three is free - and that is in addition to the money you will be saving when you do your regular shopping.

To find out more, click on the link:  www.20percentrebate.com to hear about this opportunity, and then go to: www.EAguirre42.saivian.net go to the bottom of the page and click on the "Join" button.  Happy shopping.

This article was published on 19.02.2016 by E. Aguirre
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