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Have you heard about Immunocal?

  IMMUNOCAL  (Health Canada Natural Product #80004370) is the first and only whey protein to be recognized by Health Canada that optimizes glutathione levels to boost immune system and increase energy so your body can fight off disease and illnesses, increases muscle strength and performance by 13.5% if under 40, and 10% 40 and over, and slows the aging process.

   Glutathione is a molecule that is responsible for three important things in your body’s functioning:.  

- Antioxidation 

- Immune System

- Detoxification 

   Low levels of glutathione  are caused by: stress, injury, poor diet, tobacco, alcohol, pollutions, sunlight radiation and aging, and may cause such illnesses as: cancer, kidney & liver diseases, insomnia etc.

   IMMUNOCAL PLATINUM (Health Canada Natural Product #80028731) has all the benefits found in Immunocal, plus two components:

- first  is a protein that acts as signal in the immune system to regulate inflammations, and

- second - helps lower acidity levels in the body, and supports its right pH balance.

 Immunocal is free of: fat, gluten, sugar, antibiotic and well tolerated by lactose intolerant individuals. 

 Carol Lund Testimonial:                                                                                                       

 In June of 2014 she had her 1st hip replacement. Her 2nd hip replacement will be performed in the next 2 months. She is 62 years old. In August of this year she was prescribed OxyContin of which she took 2 every 4 hours and Tramadol which she took 1 – 4 times a day. This was all to manage pain. She related to me that her mind was foggy and she felt groggy all the time. Her work demands that she drive 2 hours between offices in Edmonton and Athabasca on a weekly basis and that was a concern for her. 

 She started using Immunocal mid-July but not on a regular basis. In September she began taking Immunocal Platinum on a regular basis. She took 4 packages a day. She weened herself off the drugs while she was taking 4 a day until mid-October. She then stopped the drugs and continued using 2 a day. She is now able to manage without the drugs and is moving along quite well and not using her cane she used since May. Her surgery will be soon and she is optimistic her healing time will be enhanced and reduced due to using the Immunocal Platinum.

 She would gladly speak to anyone about her experience, you need only ask me and I will give you her contact information. 

 There is nothing to lose by trying Immunocal, it is a food, and very much to gain.

 A MUST WATCH videos:

 Eugenia Serewko, Immunotec Consultant

This article was published on 19.11.2015 by Eugenia Serewko
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